2008 World Congress – Munich

CINP Biennial International Congress 2008
Munich, Sunday 13th to Thursday 17th July 2008

The XXVI Congress of the CINP took place on July 13 -17 2008 in Munich. This was a special event celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the CINP, whose foundation in 1958 marked the beginning of modern psychopharmacology. It was the leading international psychopharmacology meeting in 2008 with the most important and distinguished psychiatrists and basic scientists from all around the world attending. Munich was chosen as one of the finest locations to host this great event. The city has a 100-year old relationship with psychiatry, represented by the outstanding researchers and psychiatrists Emil Kraepelin and Alois Alzheimer, who spent a great part of their active lives together at Kraepelin’s Munich Hospital. Furthermore, the city has an outstanding relationship with art and culture. Munich thus offered a unique opportunity to combine all aspects of modern psychiatry with famous art and culture. From the Old Pinakothek up to the recently opened Modern Pinakothek every aspect of art is represented. July, in addition, is the most interesting month of the year, with a number of cultural activities going on such as Open Air Concerts, Biergartens and the famous Opera Festival. With its surrounding lakes and mountains and its numerous cultural attractions, Munich provided a very exciting venue for the CINP congress delegates.

The Scientific Program covered all aspects of treatment of CNS disorders from basic to clinical research, and the newest concepts for improving the life of patients with mental and neurological disorders will be presented. There were plenary lectures, symposia, poster sessions, educational workshops and meet the expert sessions. These covered the latest research in affective disorders, addiction and dependence, anxiety, psychoses especially schizophrenia, degenerative brain diseases and other key neuropsychopharmacology research topics. The latest advances in brain imaging, genetics and molecular biology were also incorporated within these sessions. How these are being applied to the latest improvements in therapeutics was covered.

The venue of the congress was the very modern international congress centre in Munich, which had excellent meeting facilities for the delegates. Highly interesting scientific symposia, events and exhibitions were also organised by pharmaceutical companies, offering new and valuable information to the audience.

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