About Us

CINP (Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum) is the world’s global psychopharmacology organisation. It is a membership organisation with widespread support from all over the world. Its mission is to encourage and promote international scientific study, teaching and the application of neuropsychopharmacology. It provides advice and consultation for the evaluation of all aspects of neuropsychiatric drugs, including biochemistry, pharmacology, safety and therapeutic efficacy. Through these activities it seeks to improve and advance research activities thus leading to improved patient care.

CINP was established in 1957 in Zurich and had its first international congress in Rome in 1958. At CINP meetings clinicians hear about the latest research advances and new treatments whilst researchers hear about new clinical needs and problems. CINP facilitates training of psychiatrists in quantitative rating scales and ethical research methodology to enhance manpower for clinical trials worldwide. The CINP maintains partnership and cooperation with the worldwide pharmaceutical industry while at the same time welcoming critical thinking about the limits of psychopharmacology, ethical issues in psychopharmacology research, and early warning systems about side effects of psychopharmacology treatments.

CINP is a genuinely international organisation. Its executive committee and council include leadership from around the world in psychopharmacology.  Its membership includes psychiatrists, pharmacologists and other basic scientists, and research psychologists. In our rapidly globalizing world CINP allows exchange of experience and research methodology among clinicians and researchers from the four corners of the globe. Its major congresses have taken place all over the world. Furthermore it has regional groups which are active worldwide. These regional groups organise regional meetings, workshops and other educational activities and help generally support psychopharmacology in their regions.

CINP has an official journal, the International Journal of Neuro Psychopharmacology (IJNP). This has become one of the essential journals in our field of research and it continues to grow in both size and importance. Its impact factor has shown a steady increase.

CINP meetings are open to all interested professionals. CINP membership is awarded to professionals active in the field as recognition of accomplishment after application to and approval by the membership committee.

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