Central Office

The CINP Central Office is located in Scotland, UK. The office provides coordination for the President and the Executive Committee as well as providing the administrative services for the organisation. It serves as a point of contact for all members as well as anyone else interested in any aspect of CINP.

The personnel are:

Gill Moore
Executive Secretary

Abigail Burke
Project Manager

Gail Massey
Finance Officer

You may contact the Central Office through the Contacts section of the website or directly at:

CINP Central Office
Scottish Enterprise Technology Park
Nasmyth Building, 2nd Floor
60 Nasmyth Avenue
East Kilbride
G75 0QR


Tel: +44 (0)1355 244 930;
Fax: +44 (0)1355 249 959

Gill Moore


Gill Moore has recently been appointed as the Executive Secretary for CINP. Gill Moore has extensive working knowledge in the international CNS field. She started working with Dr Alec Coppen in 1987 in the administration of his Affective Disorders clinic at West Park Hospital in Epsom, Surrey, UK. She became involved with the CINP when Dr Coppen became President Elect and continued as Assistant to the President during the Presidency of Professors Julian Mendlewicz, Giorgio Racagni, and Lewis Judd. In 1996-98 she was Executive Secretary for the Local Organising Committee for the XXIst CINP Congress which took place in Glasgow in 1998. In 2004 Prof Brian Leonard invited her to assist him during his Presidency of CINP. In 2006 Northern Networking Events, an Association Management and Professional Conference Organising Company headed by Gill Moore contracted with CINP. Gill Moore has served a number of clients in different areas of association management and stand alone conferences. Her interests in the CNS field have stretched over 20 years with many of the key opinion leaders in the field. She maintains excellent contacts within the pharmaceutical industry and has an extensive knowledge of conference organisation.

She is assisted in the office by Abigail Burke, June Harpum and David Massey who all work for the benefit of CINP membership and leadership.

Please feel free to contact the CINP central office team on the contact page here.

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