Graham D. Burrows, MD, DSc, AO. (1938-2016)

Graham D. BurrowsGraham Burrows, of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne, unexpectedly passed away in January 2016 following an accident in his home.

The sudden death of Graham was a shock to all his many friends and colleagues in CINP. Graham was an enthusiastic supporter of our organisation for over 30 years and an active participant in our symposiums. Indeed he participated as a speaker in our congress in Vancouver in 2014 and had every intention to join us in Seoul this year.

Graham had a most distinguished academic and professional career, not only as a clinical researcher in mood disorders, pain and addictive behaviours, which resulted in over 700 international publications, but also in public life as chairman of the Mental Health Association of Australia. In this position he was particularly active in fighting stigma and educating the public in the treatment of mental disorders. He was also a member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on mental health. For his distinguished contributions to medicine, Graham received one of the highest awards, the Order of Australia, in 1989, which was followed by Australian knighthoods (KSJ and KCSJ) a few years later.

However, despite all the honours bestowed on him over the years, Graham always maintained a down-to-earth sense of humour and a warm regard for his friends and colleagues. As departmental head he always supported and encouraged the success of his younger colleagues and researchers.

The CINP has lost a loyal supporter who contributed much to our scientific and educational programmes over the years. His friends and colleagues will miss him for his warmth, his enjoyment of life and for his many contributions to all that is best in our organisation. He will be deeply missed not only by his grieving family but also by his many friends in the CINP. May he rest in peace!

Brian E. Leonard, 7th August, 2016.
Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology,
National University of Ireland,

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