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menteesCINP is committed to encourage and promote international scientific study, teaching and application of neuropsychopharmacology. To do this successfully we need to nurture young scientists and clinicians embarking on a career in this field of study. To this end we are re-establishing a Mentoring Scheme; this will provide young neuropsychopharmacologists with an international mentor to provide guidance and support in their career.

Who is it for?

Early career scientists often have limited opportunity to connect with experienced neuropsychopharmacologists worldwide. Furthermore, many scientists in post-doctoral or clinical specialty training may not have access to formal support structures that are often available to graduate students.

The scheme is aimed at providing mentoring for these young scientists. Initially we shall focus on “mentees” from developing countries in South and East Asia, areas that are experiencing rapid growth in scientific and medical research but with limited international connections.

How to get a CINP mentor

Clinical and non-clinical scientists early in their careers, with interests in neuro- or psychopharmacology and who fit the criteria above can fill in an online application form. They will be matched with an established, senior CINP member from outside their home country and, if both mentor and mentee agree to the arrangement, will make a commitment to keep in regular contact for two years, or for as long as both want.

Application Instructions

  1. To submit an application please click here.
  2. Enter your email address:

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You will then be required to create a password and complete contact details, all items marked with a * must be completed.

When completed click ‘Create Account’

  1. On the next screen please click Add a new Mentee Application, on the following screen click continue.
  2. Please enter the required information for your application.

To be considered for application you must attach your CV or a personal statement
and any other information you feel is relevant to the application

For each item click Browse to find the document on your computer then
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document to be submitted. *
Click the Continue button to proceed to the application Review page.

  1. Please review the information for your application. If there is any information that needs to be changed, click the edit link within the appropriate section. After making any necessary changes, click the Save Changes button to save your data.
  2. You will then receive an email confirming you have submitted an application.

Your application will then be evaluated and you will be contacted regarding the outcome.

If you encounter any difficulties please contact Gail Massey on +44 (0)1355 244930.

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