Message from CINP Past President, Professor Shigeto Yamawaki

Looking back on the 2016 Seoul Congress and looking toward the 2018 Vienna World Congress

The 30th CINP World Congress in Seoul last year was attended by more than 2,000 participants. It was a great pleasure for me to see you all there and I was especially thrilled to see so many young people, about 550 young scientists and students, which accounted for more than 25% of the total participants. In the current challenging circumstances, their presence was truly encouraging and hopeful sign for us. I hope they will actively play a role in our activities and revitalize our college.

The scientific content selected and assembled by the International Scientific Programme Committee (ISPC) chaired by Professor Kasper was undoubtedly excellent. I received positive feedback from many of the participants, proving our Congress was one of the meetings with the highest scientific quality in this field.

In addition, I’m pleased to report the Congress also achieved a considerable financial success as we were able to host more than ten satellite symposia and many industrial exhibitions.  I thank all who contributed to the Congress, energetic delegates, prestigious speakers, poster presenters, sponsors, and very efficient and kind staff, for making it such a great success.

The liveliness we felt at the Seoul Congress will be surely passed onto our Vienna World Congress in 2018.  Vienna is another wonderful venue which is located in the center of Europe where CINP started, and has a different culture and atmosphere from Seoul; this is one of advantages and uniqueness of CINP which is a truly global society. Our Congresses are held in a variety of areas around the world, which makes it easier for young researchers and students living near the area to attend the Congress.  The theme of the Congress is “Neuropsychopharmacology: Meeting Global Challenges with Global Innovation.”  As CINP President John Krystal mentioned in his recent newsletter, ‘neuropsychiatric disorders constitute the greatest single challenge to global health’, we need to expedite to achieve breakthroughs in this field.  The ISPC is chaired by two outstanding scientists; Professors Barbara Sahakian and Marina Picciotto are now welcoming the proposal of symposia until February 24, 2017. 

Don’t miss out! Please submit your proposal today and join us in Vienna in 2018.

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Registration is now open for the CINP 2017 Thematic Meeting on Treatment Resistant Depression, from 20th – 22nd July. CINP is proud to present a dedicated programme on this topic from esteemed leaders in the field.

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