Message from the CINP Secretary Professor Kasper, November 2014

Professor KasperThe 2016 CINP World Congress, which will take place from 3rd to 7th July in Seoul 2016, will be held under the theme Future of Neuropsychopharmacology: Innovation Integrated with Neuroscience for Mental Health’.

As Chair of the International Scientific Programme Committee I would like to invite the international scientific community to send in abstracts not later than February 27th, 2015. Abstracts can be submitted here. There will be a wide spread list of topics covering clinical, preclinical and translational research, different neuropsychiatric disorders, psychotherapeutic drug treatment as well as diverse research methodologies to explore mechanisms of action.

The ISCP welcomes the proposal of symposia that link the latest and groundbreaking preclinical developments and clinical research on a given topic. Researchers working in both academia and industry are welcome to share their ideas in an open exchange to support new approaches in the development and assessment of psychotherapeutic medication. Scientific information will be presented in different ways.

Plenary lectures will be led by selected researchers highlighting cutting edge preclinical, clinical or translational research of speakers recognized for their exceptional achievements in our field. Symposia will integrate the latest advances in basic, clinical and translational neuropsychopharmacology, biological psychiatry, drug development as well as public policy issues relevant to mental health within two hour time frames. In Educational and Scientific Workshops, brief presentations by individual panel members will be given, followed by the opportunity for lively and informative discussion. This format will provide substantial audience participation and should be highly interactive. The 2016 CINP meeting  will also be offering educational and scientific workshops in several Asian languages. Younger scientists or geographic representatives will use the network sessions of Focus Groups to develop their ideas on how to improve neuropsychopharmacology. Renowned clinicians and researchers will provide Clinical and Personal Perspectives in a brief presentation followed by the opportunity of lively and informative discussion. This format will provide substantial audience participation and education in science and, again, should be highly interactive. Free Communications as well as Poster Sessions will focus on the latest research findings and offer the possibility to exchange information in various fields of research in a highly interactive setting. Last but not least, pharmaceutical companies are invited to organize Satellite Symposia in consultation with the  International Scientific Programme Committee to highlight the latest developments related to their research and developmental areas.

As Chair of the ISPC I invite you to participate in the 2016 CINP World Congress in Seoul, which promises to be a highlight among the conferences in the fields of psychiatry, psychopharmacology as well as basic research.

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