Poster Presentation Guidelines

CINP invites you to submit an abstract for poster presentation as part of the Thematic Meeting in Dublin, Ireland from 4th – 6th June 2015. Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting your abstract.


Applicants should submit an abstract between 350 – 500 words (a maximum of 350 words if a table or figure is included). The text should be in Arial font, size 11 with single spacing and a word count included at the bottom of the document- this does not include the title, authors’ details or references. Three keywords for the poster must also be included in the online form. The name of the presenting author must be underlined and appear first in the list of authors.

When publishing reports of research, audit or practice related projects, journals usually follow an abstract structure as follows: 

  • Brief introduction or background 
  • Aims & objectives 
  • Method 
  • Results 
  • Discussion & conclusion 
  • References – use Harvard style, where each reference is numbered in order of use


All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and authors will be informed whether successful or otherwise by end of February 2015.

Each abstract will be judged on objective evidence on the following criteria: 

  • Relevance to CINP 
  • Standard of English 
  • Objectivity of statement 
  • Description of what was done 
  • Suitability of methods to aims 
  • Conclusions confirmed by objective results 
  • Ethics 
  • Scientific value 
  • Potential clinical value 
  • Originality of work 
  • Overall impression 


All applications should be submitted as a word document online via this link here. shamrock_blue

The successful participant is committed to present their poster at the designated time slot allocated to them by the Local Organising Committee. When participants are submitting a poster abstract, they must complete the online registration form. If the poster is not accepted the delegate will have the right to a full registration refund.

Changes in authorship should be communicated to the Organising Committee in order to ensure correct appearance in the printed programme. If the original presenting author is unable to present, one of the co-authors should take over this responsibility.

Closing date for submission of abstracts is Friday 30th January 2015.


Posters should be in portrait format. Presentations boards approximately 1 m wide x 2 m tall will be available. Velcro fixers will be provided. Lettering for poster presentations needs to be legible at 2m and this requires characters of not less than 8mm in height and a line thickness of 0.7mm


Translational both clinical and pre-clinical aspects.

  1. Animal models
  2. Biomarkers
  3. Drug development/clinical trials
  4. Dietary interventions
  5. Gut brain axis
  6. Immune brain axis and psychoneuroimmunology
  7. Inflammation
  8. Neurodevelopment
  9. Neuroimaging, neuropathology, neurophysiology
  10. Pain
  11. Psycho-neuroendocrinology
  12. Psychiatric disorders
  13. Stress
  14. Use of traditional medicine
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