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A Proposal for an Updated Neuropsychopharmacological Nomenclature


The nomenclature taskforce of the ECNP, ACNP, CINP and AsCNP organizations have proposed a pharmacologically driven method of nomenclature to describe commonly used psychotropic compounds.  This is based on five described axes of activity for each compound.  A review article in press describing this proposed system can be found here.  And a list of 109 compounds presented in the proposal template can be found here.  At this point, we see this interim report as a demonstration of a “principle of concept”. Your feedback is requested to help us to shape and improve this proposal.  Thank you!

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

J. Zohar (Chair)

ECNP  –  G.Goodwin      D.Nutt
ACNP – D. Kupfer      P.Blier
CINP – HJ. Möller      S.Stahl
AsCNP – S.Yamawaki
NC-IUPHAR – M. Spedding

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