The Neurotransmitter Era

neurotransmitter1Bernard B. Brodie (1907-1989) on the left, Julius Axelrod (1912-2004) in the middle, and Arvid Carlsson (1923-) on
the right.
Research that led to The Neurotransmitter Era in Neuropsychopharmacology started in Brodie’s Laboratory of Chemical Pharmacology at the National Institutes of Health, USA. Axelrod, a recipient of the Nobel Prize in 1970, was a collaborator of Brodie in the early 1950s, and Carlsson, a recipient of the Nobel Prize in 2000, spent nearly half a year in Brodie’s Laboratory in 1955.

This book consists of a collection of reviews prepared by basic scientists and clinicians involved in different areas of neuropsychopharmacology.
The book focuses on the neurotransmitter era in neuropsychopharmacology.


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