Call for Symposia




There are two slots available in the programme for Late Breaking Symposia.

Submission is open from 1st – 31st March 2018.


Guidelines for Symposia Submissions

To ensure your submission meets the criteria for acceptance, please read through the following information carefully before submitting your proposal.

General Information

Symposia of 1 hour 45 min duration integrate the latest advances in basic, clinical and translational neuropsychopharmacology, biological psychiatry, drug development public policy issues relevant to mental health, mental illness and treatment across the lifespan. Symposia are chosen on a highly competitive basis by the International Scientific Programme Committee.

Four speakers including the Chairperson should represent at least three different countries and four different institutions. It is recommended that at least two speakers should be CINP members. Symposium proposals that include women or younger speakers are greatly encouraged.

The individual who submits the symposia proposal via the online form at must be the Chairperson of their proposed session.

Chairpersons can submit no more than two symposia and speakers can agree to participate in no more than two proposals. All proposals will be reviewed by the International Scientific Programme Committee and notifications will be sent to all symposia submitters by end of April 2018.

Symposia Submission Format

Before submitting your proposal, please make sure your documents meet the following criteria:

  • All symposia submissions must be submitted in English.
  • All uploaded documents should be Arial font, size 12.
  • The 500 word abstract and 100 word learning objectives should be uploaded as two separate documents. (Please remember after you have selected each document to click the ‘Add’ button)
  • Symposia titles will appear in all Congress materials as per the original submission. Only the first word should be capitalised, and any abbreviations, acronyms (e.g. RNA) or other relevant words (countries, drug names etc.)


The Chairperson is required to submit the following documents in Arial font, size 12:

  • A 500 word abstract which describes the symposium and the role of each speaker
  • A 100 word learning objective for the symposia.
  • A recent reference for each speaker and confirmation in writing that they are willing to present during the 31st CINP World Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology in Vienna under the conditions stipulated. For each speaker the title of their presentation should be listed in the proposal.



The CINP International Scientific Programme Committee welcomes the proposal of symposia that link the latest, and ground-breaking, preclinical developments with the clinical research on a given topic. Through the free and open exchange of ideas, CINP supports a strong focus on new approaches to the development and assessment of CNS pharmaceuticals by researchers working in both academia and industry. Please find below the list of topics: