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Poster NumberAuthorAuthor CountryLevel 1 TopicSub Topic By DisorderSub Topic By Drug and MethodologyTitle
PM135Ravi AnandSwitzerlandClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsAddition of Evenamide (NW-3509), a Selective Voltage Gated Sodium Channel (VGSC) Antagonist, to Atypical Antipsychotics is Efficacious in Patients Worsening on their Current Medication.
PM136Yuka AsaiJapanClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsPatterns of antipsychotic prescription in patients with schizophrenia at a tertiary care center in Japan
PM137Keisuke AsanoJapanClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsPrescription patterns in patients with schizophrenia who discontinued long-acting injectable antipsychotics: a chart-review
PM138Sanjay ChandragiriU.S.A.ClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsIdiopathic or Antipsychotic induced Thrombocytopenia? A treatment Dilemma
PM139Cheng-Chen ChangTaiwan ClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsAssociation between thioridazine use and cancer risk among patients with schizophrenia- a population-based study
PM140Tiago DuartePortugal ClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsClozapine-induced procalcitonin elevation
PM141Yoshihiko HaradaJapanClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsAntipsychotic treatment in patients with catatonic schizophrenia
PM142Mizue IchinoseJapanClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsEarly response to aripiprazole and plasma levels of monoamine metabolites in patients with acute schizophrenia
PM143Sung-Wan KimKorea, Republic ofClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsRisk factors for low bone mineral density in patients taking antipsychotics for psychosis
PM144So KirinoJapanClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsRelationship between Polydipsia and Antipsychotics: A Systematic Review of Clinical Studies and Case Reports
PM145Kaoruhiko KuboJapanClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsPlacebo Effects in Trials for Schizophrenia: Combined Analysis of Nine RCTs
PM146Fumiaki KumagaiJapanClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsPlacebo Effects in Long-Acting Injection Trials for Schizophrenia: Combined Analysis of Four RCTs
PM147Shin KuroseJapanClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsTime Courses of Central Dopamine D2 Receptor Occupancy and Peripheral Blood Concentrations of Antipsychotics: A Systematic Review
PM148Yezhe LinChinaClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsSerum IL-1ra, a novel biomarker predicting olanzapine-induced dyslipidemia and hyperleptinemia in Schizophrenia
PM149Shih-Ku LinTaiwan ClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsFrequency of Tardive Dyskinesia in Research on Asian Psychotropic Prescription Pattern (REAP) survey (2001-2016)
PM150Chieh-hsin LinTaiwan ClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsSodium Benzoate, a D-amino Acid Oxidase Inhibitor, Added to Clozapine for the Treatment of Schizophrenia: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial
PM151Yuya MizunoUKClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsVariation in response to clozapine vs. all other antipsychotics in patients with schizophrenia: A systematic review and meta-analysis
PM152Nobuhiro NagaiJapanClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsClinical characteristics of patients with schizophrenia who were maintained without antipsychotics: A cross-sectional survey and a literature review
PM153Masaru NakamuraJapanClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsSafety switching from daily to once-monthly long-acting injectable antipsychotics associated with prolactin levels in schizophrenia patients
PM154Andrei PikalovU.S.A.ClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsLurasidone and Risk for Metabolic Syndrome in Patients with Schizophrenia: A Comprehensive Database Analysis
PM155Yuta SaitoJapanClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsPrediction of Relapse with Residual Symptoms in Schizophrenia: A Reanalysis of the PROACTIVE trial data
PM156Carla SpínolaPortugal ClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsTypical and Atypical Long acting injectable antipsychotics in schizophrenia: a 2-year prospective cohort study
PM157Kie TakahashiJapanClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsNeeds to psychopharmacological treatment in patients with schizophrenia and their psychiatrists’ oversight: a cross-sectional study
PM158Andi Jayalangkara TanraIndonesia ClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsChanges of Body Weight, LDL and HDL Cholesterol Level in Schizophrenia Patients Treated with Atypical Antipsychotics
PM159Michael ToccoU.S.A.ClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsEffect of Lurasidone on Cognition in Adolescents with Schizophrenia: Interim Analysis of a 2-year Open-label Extension Study
PM160Michael ToccoU.S.A.ClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsEfficacy and Safety of Lurasidone in Adolescents with Schizophrenia: Interim Analysis of a 2-year, Open-label Extension Study
PM161Kimberly VanoverU.S.A.ClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsFavorable Clinical Safety Profile for Lumateperone (ITI-007) - Switching from Standard-of-Care (SOC) Antipsychotic Therapy in Patients with Schizophrenia
PM162Kazunari YoshidaCanadaClinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsA preliminary multi-genic prediction model for antipsychotic-induced weight gain
PM163Yasutaka FujitaJapanClinicalSchizophreniaBrain StimulationEffectiveness of continuation and maintenance ECT and combination of ECT and clozapine for treatment resistance schizophrenia ; A retrospective study for 1-year relapse rate after initial ECT
PM164Seung-Hyun KimKorea, Republic ofClinicalSchizophreniaBrain StimulationRelation between psychotropic drugs and seizure threshold in electroconvulsive therapy
PM165Junhee LeeKorea, Republic ofClinicalSchizophreniaBrain StimulationLower glutamate level in temporo-parietal area may predict a better response to tDCS in schizophrenia: A pilot study
PM166Tomiki SumiyoshiJapanClinicalSchizophreniaBrain StimulationPrediction of response to transcranial direct current stimulation by near-infrared spectroscopy in schizophrenia
PM167Filippo CorponiItaly ClinicalSchizophreniaGeneticsGenome-wide association analysis of psychopathological dimensions in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
PM168Jong Woo KimKorea, Republic ofClinicalSchizophreniaGeneticsAssociation of RUNX2 gene polymorphisms with schizophrenia in Korean population
PM169Jong Woo KimKorea, Republic ofClinicalSchizophreniaGeneticsAssociation between CCND2 gene polymorphisms and the risk of schizophrenia in Korean population
PM170Takahito UchidaJapanClinicalSchizophreniaHypnoticsConcomitant Use of Alcohol and Benzodiazepine Hypnotics in Psychiatric Outpatients: A Questionnaire Survey
PM171Junji UnoJapanClinicalSchizophreniaHypnoticsThe effect of Suvorexant introductionon hypnotic prescription of schizophrenic patients
PM172Seoyoung KimKorea, Republic ofClinicalSchizophreniaImagingFronto-Striatal Functional Connectivity and Striatal Dopamine Capacity in Treatment-Responsive and -Resistant Schizophrenia
PM173Woo Sung KimKorea, Republic ofClinicalSchizophreniaImagingFunctional neuroanatomy of negative schema: comparison between patients with schizophrenia and healthy controls using fMRI
PM174Naren RaoIndiaClinicalSchizophreniaImagingEffect of oxytocin on trust behaviour and neural circuitry of trust in Schizophrenia
PM175Ulrich SauerzopfAustriaClinicalSchizophreniaImagingIncreased D2/3 receptor availability in the retina of medication-naive patients with schizophrenia. A [11C]-(+)-PHNO PET study.
PM176Ingrid de ChazeronFrance ClinicalSchizophreniaNeuropathology/ Post Mortem StudiesHallucinations in Schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease: illustration of common pathway
PM177Raymond ChoU.S.A.ClinicalSchizophreniaNeurophysiologyMEG study of cross-frequency coupling in auditory cortex in early vs. chronic phase schizophrenia.
PM178Takamasa MiuraJapanClinicalSchizophreniaNeurophysiologyPsychopharmacological treatment and length of stay in psychiatric hospitals among patients with schizophrenia: a systematic review
PM179Hideaki TaniJapanClinicalSchizophreniaNeurophysiologyComparison of emotional cognition assessed with fear conditioning by interpersonal conflicts in patients with depression and schizophrenia and healthy subjects
PM180Yasuhiko HashimotoJapanClinicalSchizophreniaOthersUsefulness of pharmacists to accompany visit nursing on prevention of re-hospitalization in patients with schizophrenia: an interventional pre / post study
PM181Yuzuru KataokaJapanClinicalSchizophreniaOthersDifference in executive function among with patients with schizophrenia, their first-degree relatives and healthy subjects
PM182Chan-Hyung KimKorea, Republic ofClinicalSchizophreniaOthersAssociation between clinician’s attitude to patient and medication adherence in schizophrenia
PM183Aki KuwataJapanClinicalSchizophreniaOthersDifferences in Quality of Life among patients with schizophrenia, their first-degree relatives and healthy subjects
PM184Kazutaka OhiJapanClinicalSchizophreniaOthersA 1.5-year longitudinal study on social activity in schizophrenia
PM185Takamitsu ShimadaJapanClinicalSchizophreniaOthersDifferences in social functioning among schizophrenia patients, their first-degree relatives and healthy subjects
PM186Anastasiia BoikoRussian Federation ClinicalSchizophreniaPharmagenetics/ kineticsPharmacogenetics of tardive dyskinesia in schizophrenia: the role of muscarinic receptors
PM187Fabiana Corsi-ZuelliBrazilClinicalSchizophreniaPsychoneuroimmunologyChildhood maltreatment and inflammation in First-Episode Psychosis and unaffected siblings: Results from the STREAM study in Brazil
PM188Kristina MelkerssonSweden ClinicalSchizophreniaPsychoneuroimmunologySigns of impaired blood-brain barrier function and lower IgG synthesis within the central nervous system in patients with schizophrenia or related psychosis, compared to in controls
PM189Jose Maria Pelayo-TeranSpainClinicalSchizophreniaPsychoneuroimmunologyClinical and functional correlates of Vitamin D deficiency in patients with schizophrenia
PM190Gabriele SachsAustriaClinicalSchizophreniaPsychoneuroimmunologyNeuronal cell-surface autoantibodies in first episode patients with schizophrenia
PM191Yoshihisa KitamuraJapanPreclinicalOthersAnimal ModelsInfluence of benzodiazepine medications and GABAA receptor function on the pentobarbital-induced sleep behaviour of lipopolysaccharide-treated mice
PM192Taisuke FukushimaJapanClinicalSleep DisordersAnxiolyticsAdd-on therapy with tandospirone, a serotonin 1A receptor partial agonistic anxiolytic, is useful for dose-tapering of concomitant benzodiazepines in psychiatric patients using long-term benzodiazepines.
PM193Choryo HokamaJapanClinicalSleep DisordersOthersRelationship between withdrawal symptoms of benzodiazepine sleeping pills and background factors
PM195Woojae MyungKorea, Republic ofClinicalSuicideAnxiolyticsPsychotropic medication and long-term suicide risk in a nationwide population-based cohort study in South Korea
PM196Nigar AllahverdiyevaAzerbaijanClinicalSuicideMood StabilizersPrison Adolescent Suicide Risk factors.
PM197Sehoon ShimKorea, Republic ofClinicalSuicideNeuropathology/ Post Mortem StudiesThe association between suicide attempts and Toxoplasma gondii infection
PM198Takeshi TeraoJapanClinicalSuicideOthersNaturally absorbed omega fatty acids, lithium, and suicide-related
PM199Freddy VasquezPeru ClinicalSuicideOthersSuicidal Behavior and Thyroid Pathology,Lima-Peru
PM200Hidehiro OshibuchiJapanOthersAnxiety DisordersAnimal ModelsEscitalopram Attenuates Fear Stress-Induced Increase in Amygdala Dopamine According to Dopaminergic Sensitisation: Implications of Fine-Tuning Action of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors on Emotional Processing
PM201Yoshikazu MasudaJapanOthersBipolar DisordersImagingAn atlas-based whole brain tractography study in major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder.
PM202Vanessa De-PaulaBrazilOthersBipolar DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyNeuroprotective effect of lithium at therapeutic and subtherapeutic doses in GSK3beta autonomous pathways at primary hippocampal neurons cell culture
PM203Noriko OsumiJapanOthersChildhood & Adolescent DisordersAnimal ModelsPaternal Pax6 haploinsufficiency accelerated vocal communication deficits by advanced paternal aging
PM204Takuya OhbaJapanOthersDementiaOthersProtective effects of Huperzia Serrata against oxidative damage and cognitive dysfunction
PM205Murray ReedAustriaOthersDepressionAntidepressantsData driven assessment of pharmacological MRI data investigating an acute selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor challenge
PM206Shim In HeeKorea, Republic ofOthersDepressionAntipsychoticsThe Pharmacolical treatment of major depressive episodes with mixed features
PM207Musadiq Ahmad BhatIndiaOthersEpilepsyMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyRole of SCN1A and SCN2A gene polymorphisms in epilepsy syndromes-a study from India
PM208Seii OhkaJapanOthersOthersGeneticsrs6738544 SNP of STAT4 and rs2298170 SNP of STAT6 associate with nicotine dependence
PM209Andreas HahnAustriaOthersOthersImagingComparison of glucose metabolism and blood oxygenation during neuronal activation
PM210Yannis PaloyelisUKOthersOthersImagingOxytocin modulation of resting state regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF): comparing the effects of intranasal and intravenous methods of administration
PM211Yuta YoshinoJapanOthersOthersOthersHyaluronan Binding Protein Involved in Hyaluronan Depolymerization (HYBID, KIAA1199) is responsible for hyaluronan turn over in mouse central nerve system.
PM212Dylan ChouTaiwan OthersPersonality DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyPeriaqueductal gray glutamatergic transmission mediates depressive-like behaviors in the remission of visceral pain
PM213Atsuko HayataJapanOthersSchizophreniaAnimal ModelsInvolvement of miR-132 in PACAP-dependent morphological changes of dendritic spines
PM214Aline RamosBrazilOthersSchizophreniaAnimal ModelsCobalt chloride exposure in neonatal rats induce behavioral alterations: an new animal model of schizophrenia?
PM215Manabu ToyoshimaJapanOthersSchizophreniaMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyExamination of the effects of carbonyl stress elicited by GLO1 gene knockout in human iPS cells
PM216Kayoko EsakiJapanOthersSchizophreniaNeuropathology/ Post Mortem StudiesAnalysis of sphingolipids in schizophrenia: postmortem brain study
PM217Alexandr KimKyrgystan OthersSchizophreniaOthersParanoid Schizophrenia versus Residual Schizophrenia: Neuropsychological Aspects
PM218Takahiro MizoguchiJapanOthersSchizophreniaOthersImpaired cerebellar development in mice overexpressing VGF nerve growth factor inducible (VGF) via promoting MAPK signaling
PM219Daniel LeveyU.S.A.OthersSuicideGeneticsGenetic Associations with Suicide Attempt Severity
PM220Hynek DandaCzech Republic PreclinicalAddictive DisordersAnimal ModelsThe Effect of Primary Cannabinoid Pre-Exposure on the Addictive Potential of Psychostimulant Drugs
PM221Jeong-Hoon KimKorea, Republic ofPreclinicalAddictive DisordersAnimal ModelsSpine density in the nucleus accumbens is differentially changed after rat gambling task with different housing condition
PM222David Ladrón de Guevara-MirandaSpainPreclinicalAddictive DisordersAnimal ModelsEnhancing adult hippocampal neurogenesis with lysophosphatidic acid: A proposal for erasing cocaine contextual memory
PM223Carmelo MillonSpainPreclinicalAddictive DisordersAnimal ModelsGALANIN N-TERMINAL FRAGMENT (1-15) DECREASES THE VOLUNTARY ALCOHOL INTAKE IN RATS.
PM224Kristýna ŠtefkováCzech Republic PreclinicalAddictive DisordersAnimal ModelsTHE ACUTE EFFECTS OF DESCHLORKETAMINE IN ANIMAL MODEL
PM225Meriem HaddarJapanPreclinicalAddictive DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyAttenuation of the formation of CPP by methamphetamine in Shati/Nat8l overexpressed mice in the prefrontal cortex.
PM226Shinya KasaiJapanPreclinicalAddictive DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyGene expression profile of dopamine-deficient mouse brain for underlying molecular pathology in psychiatric disorders
PM227Yuka KusuiJapanPreclinicalAddictive DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyAttenuation pharmacological effects of methamphetamine by Piccolo knockdown in the nucleus accombens in mice
PM228Fumihiko UenoJapanPreclinicalAddictive DisordersNeuropathology/ Post Mortem StudiesAlpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid (AMPA) receptor subunit expression and receptor binding in patients with addictive disorders: A systematic review of human postmortem studies
PM229Nanami NaitoJapanPreclinicalAnxiety DisordersAnimal ModelsInvolvement of enhanced 5-HT2A receptor function on doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide-induced anxiety-like behavior in rats
PM230Ilia TissenRussian Federation PreclinicalAnxiety DisordersAnimal ModelsOrexin A antagonist SB-408124 reduces anxiety signs via extrahypothalamic CRF in a rat PTSD model
PM231Robert PetterssonSweden PreclinicalAnxiety DisordersAntidepressants5-HT2A receptor antagonism unmasks a marked immobility-reducing effect of acute SSRI administration in a contextual fear paradigm
PM232Jakob NäslundSweden PreclinicalAnxiety DisordersAnxiolyticsAn anxiogenic-like response to predator odour in rats depend on baseline temperament and can be prevented by SSRI treatment
PM234Ho-Suk SuhKorea, Republic ofPreclinicalAnxiety DisordersNeurophysiologyDistinguishing Quantitative Electroencephalogram Findings between Panic Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder
PM235Young-A LeeKorea, Republic ofPreclinicalAttention Deficit DisordersAnimal ModelsAmelioration of Scopolamine-induced Attention Deficit by the Extracts from the Brown Alga Ecklonia Stolonifera Okamura
PM236Jairo Vinícius PintoBrazilPreclinicalBipolar DisordersAnimal ModelsEffects of lithium on immune activation in an animal model of mania
PM237Gregers WegenerDenmarkPreclinicalBipolar DisordersAnimal ModelsA pre-clinical study of casein glycomacropeptide as a dietary intervention for acute mania
PM238Mostafa El MansariCanadaPreclinicalBipolar DisordersAntipsychoticsSustained administration of cariprazine increases norepinephrine but not serotonin and dopamine neuronal activity in rats
PM239Hiroko MurakamiJapanPreclinicalChildhood & Adolescent DisordersAnimal ModelsRapamycin ameliorates impairment of social interaction in the mice exposed in utero to valproic acid
PM240Zhenyu WeiUKPreclinicalOthersComputational NeuroscienceEffects of modafinil on feedback-dependent reinforcement learning
PM241Kohji FukunagaJapanPreclinicalChildhood & Adolescent DisordersAntipsychoticsOxidative damage and mitochondrial dysfunction in autism model rats
PM242Ranjana BhandariIndiaPreclinicalChildhood & Adolescent DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyEvaluation of Naringenin & its Surface Modified Nanocarriers as Neurotherapeutic for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
PM243Atsumi NittaJapanPreclinicalChildhood & Adolescent DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyBehavioral impairment via delay myelination development in the prefrontal cortex of SHATI/NAT8L knockout mice
PM244Bai HanChinaPreclinicalDementiaAnimal ModelsA study of the Mixture of Rhubarb and Salvia Miltiorrhiza,Tanshinone II A on the prevention and treatment of AD
PM245Bai HanChinaPreclinicalDementiaAnimal ModelsEffects of Tanshinone II A on a rat model of Alzheimer's disease with intestinal endotoxemia (IETM)
PM246Bai HanChinaPreclinicalDementiaAnimal ModelsStudy on Donepezil on Alzheimer's disease rats’model with intestinal endotoxemia (IETM)
PM247Masato InazuJapanPreclinicalDementiaMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyFunctional expression of choline transporter-like proteins in human neural stem cells and its link to self-renewal system and neural differentiation
PM248Kyosuke UnoJapanPreclinicalDementiaMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologySexual differences of cognitive impairment induced by deletion of Shati/Nat8l
PM249Karen AsinU.S.A.PreclinicalDepressionAnimal ModelsMultiple modality monitoring of animals in toxicology studies allows more precise preclinical assessment of PD/PK/toxicity for early clinical dose selection.
PM250Stefanie BergerAustriaPreclinicalDepressionAnimal ModelsAcute intermittent porphyria – pathogenic principles and neurobiological mechanisms
PM252Kelly NewellAustraliaPreclinicalDepressionAnimal ModelsMaternal fluoxetine treatment causes glutamatergic and GABAergic dysregulation in the cortex of adolescent offspring
PM253Sonali N. ReisingerAustriaPreclinicalDepressionAnimal ModelsFlotillin-1 interacts with the serotonin transporter and modulates susceptibility to depression-like behavior
PM254Shusaku UchidaJapanPreclinicalDepressionAnimal ModelsStrain dependent effects of chronic stress on microRNAs expression in mice
PM255Cornelia Dorner-CiossekGermany PreclinicalDepressionAntidepressantsExtracellular glutamate levels in the rat prefrontal cortex after treatment with different N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonists
PM256Gabriella GobbiCanadaPreclinicalDepressionAntidepressantsD-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) reverses depressive-like behavior and serotonergic (5-HT) neurotransmission impairments in a murine model of chronic stress.
PM257David HäggSweden PreclinicalDepressionAntidepressantsComparing all-cause mortality and external causes of deaths in different definitions of treatment resistant depression
PM258David HäggSweden PreclinicalDepressionAntidepressantsDefinitions of treatment resistant depression: A comparison between different methods in a register based environment
PM259Soichiro IdeJapanPreclinicalDepressionAntidepressantsThe long-lasting antidepressant effects and the cognitive impairment effects of (R)-ketamine are abolished in NMDA receptor GluN2D subunit knockout mice
PM260Akiyoshi KunugiJapanPreclinicalDepressionAntidepressantsStructural interference at Ser743 in AMPA-R is a key to lower the agonistic effect of AMPA-R potentiators
PM261Atsushi SuzukiJapanPreclinicalDepressionAntidepressantsTAK-653, an AMPA receptor potentiator, produces an antidepressant-like effect with potential fast onset of action like ketamine
PM262Maiko TanakaJapanPreclinicalDepressionAntidepressantsTAK-137 is an AMPA-R potentiator with lower risks of bell-shaped response and seizure
PM263Lothar KussmaulGermany PreclinicalDepressionAntidepressantsIdentification of BDNF-enhancing targets by phenotypic screening modalities
PM264Bartlomiej PochwatPoland PreclinicalDepressionAntidepressantsKetamine and Ro 25-6981 reverse behavioral disturbances induced by zinc deficiency
PM265Giulia TreccaniDenmarkPreclinicalDepressionAntidepressantsKetamine promotes early changes in dendritic morphology in the hippocampus of a genetic rat model displaying depressive-like behavior.
PM266Benjamin VyssokiAustriaPreclinicalDepressionGeneticsFunctional connectivity of the subgenual cingulate cortex - Impact of genotypic variation
PM267Yashika BansalIndiaPreclinicalDepressionMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyQuinolinic acid as pro-oxidant in depression: Implications through Nrf2 activity in hippocampus of restrain-stressed rats
PM268Irena NalepaPoland PreclinicalDepressionMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyEffect of chronic treatment with desipramine or milnacipran on the glycogen synthase kinase-3 phosphorylation in cerebral prefrontal cortex: study in alpha1B-adrenergic receptor knockout mice
PM269Yukihiro OhnoJapanPreclinicalDepressionMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyRole of Kir4.1 channels in modulating BDNF expression in astrocytes
PM270Haruka TadaJapanPreclinicalDepressionMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyAssociation of serum levels of endogenous estrogen receptor ß with depression and body weight
PM271M WahajuddinIndiaPreclinicalDepressionMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyProtective Effect of Formononetin and Biochanin A against Fluoxetine induced hepatic damage via curtailment of apoptosis and oxidative stress
PM272Kate McPhersonAustraliaPreclinicalDepressionNeuropathology/ Post Mortem StudiesIncreased cyclophilin A expression in the anterior cingulate cortex of subjects with major depressive disorder