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Poster Session Sunday 17 June 2018 11:00 – 13:00

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Poster NumberAuthorAuthor CountryLevel 1 TopicSub Topic By DisorderSub Topic By Drug and MethodologyTitle
PS001Markus DoldAustriaClinicalAddictive DisordersAntidepressantsSystematic evaluation of dose-escalation strategies after initial non-response to standard-dose antidepressant pharmacotherapy in unipolar depression
PS002Marco MarcolinBrazilClinicalAddictive DisordersBrain StimulationDeep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Smoking Cessation study: Sampling characteristics.
PS003Ming-Chyi HuangTaiwan ClinicalAddictive DisordersImagingAltered Corticostriatal Functional Connectivity in Patients with Methamphetamine Psychosis
PS004Masanori IsobeUKClinicalAddictive DisordersImagingMorphological abnormalities in the globus pallidum as a vulnerability marker for gambling disorder
PS005Boris QuednowSwitzerlandClinicalAddictive DisordersImagingCognitive and neuroanatomical alterations associated with chronic exposure to levamisole-adulterated street cocaine
PS006Hu-Ming ChangTaiwan ClinicalAddictive DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyIncreased Serum Levels of PVRL4 in Ketamine-Dependent Patients and the Correlation with Emotional Abuse
PS007Falk KieferGermany ClinicalAddictive DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyMesolimbic cue-reactivity predicts drinking outcome in OPRM1 A118G carriers: a functional imaging study in alcohol dependent subjects
PS008Kuanying HsiehTaiwan ClinicalAddictive DisordersOthersSexual behaviour and satisfaction in ketamine abuser in Taiwan: a cross-sectional study
PS009Paramjeet KhuranaIndiaClinicalAddictive DisordersOthersDisulfiram-induced seizures with convulsions in a young male patient: A case study
PS010Khai Ying LauSingapore ClinicalAddictive DisordersOthersIs the Glasgow Modified Alcohol Withdrawal Scale (GMAWS) a reliable tool for monitoring of alcohol withdrawal in an acute hospital setting? A Singapore-based study.
PS011Hung-Ming TsaiTaiwan ClinicalAddictive DisordersOthersA Decade Experience of Methadone Maintenance Treatment In Taiwan From 2006 To 2016
PS013Gregory M JamesAustriaClinicalAnxiety DisordersImagingSocial Anxiety Disorder patients exhibits reduced 5-HT1A receptor binding across the cerebral cortex – Improved cortical quantitative analysis of positron emission tomography data using Freesurfer
PS014Hisanobu KaiyaJapanClinicalAnxiety DisordersOthers“Anxious-Depressive Attack” among outpatients on first admission in an anxiety clinic
PS015Duan Yang MaHong Kong ClinicalAnxiety DisordersOthersMindfulness-based cognitive therapy for community-dwelling adults with anxiety symptoms: An exploration of efficacy and cognitive mechanism
PS016Gwyneth ZaiCanadaTranslationalAnxiety DisordersPharmagenetics/ kineticsCombinatorial Pharmacogenomic Testing Decreases Benzodiazepine Use and Improves Antidepressant Response in Individuals with Generalized Anxiety Disorder
PS017Helen SigurdardottirAustriaClinicalAttention Deficit DisordersImagingEffects of methylation on the norepinephrine transporter expression measured by PET in ADHD.
PS018Jane ChangUKClinicalAttention Deficit DisordersPsychoneuroimmunologyOmega-3 Fatty Acids in Youth with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
PS019Katsuhiko HagiJapanClinicalBipolar DisordersAntipsychoticsEfficacy and safety of treatments in bipolar depression in randomized controlled trials: Systematic review and meta-analysis
PS020Katsuhiko HagiJapanClinicalBipolar DisordersAntipsychoticsBenefits and harms of atypical antipsychotics in the treatment of bipolar depression: A systematic review and meta-analysis
PS021Katsuhiko HagiJapanClinicalBipolar DisordersAntipsychoticsSafety/tolerability of atypical antipsychotics in the treatment of bipolar depression: A systematic review and meta-analysis
PS022Katsuhiko HagiJapanClinicalBipolar DisordersAntipsychoticsEfficacy of atypical antipsychotics in the treatment of bipolar depression: A systematic review and meta-analysis
PS023Karishma KulkarniIndiaClinicalBipolar DisordersAntipsychoticsFive year course of bipolar disorder following treatment of first manic episode (FEM) with risperidone versus olanzapine: a retrospective review.
PS024Chau-shoun LeeTaiwan ClinicalBipolar DisordersAntipsychoticsThe development of a “ Web-Mobile” integrated system to improve the medication adherence in major mental illnesses
PS025Andrei PikalovU.S.A.ClinicalBipolar DisordersAntipsychoticsEffectiveness and Safety of Long-term Treatment with Lurasidone in Children and Adolescents with Bipolar Depression: Interim Analysis at 1-year of a 2-year Open-label Extension Study
PS026Andrei PikalovU.S.A.ClinicalBipolar DisordersAntipsychoticsEfficacy and Safety of Lurasidone in Bipolar Depression: Treatment Review
PS027Laura PratsSpainClinicalBipolar DisordersAntipsychoticsUSE OF ASENAPINE IN THE COMPLEX CHRONIC PATIENT
PS028Tsung-Ping SuU.S.A.PreclinicalAnxiety DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyOverexpression of sigma-1 receptor rescues (G4C2)RNA repeats-mediated defect in the nucleocytoplasmic transport of Ran GTPase: implication in ALS
PS029Jairo Vinícius PintoBrazilClinicalBipolar DisordersComputational NeurosciencePrediction of functional impairment in bipolar disorder with machine learning techniques
PS030Yujui HuangTaiwan ClinicalBipolar DisordersImagingBody Mass Index-related brain volume change in elder patients with bipolar disorder
PS031Ramin ParseyU.S.A.ClinicalBipolar DisordersImagingEffects of Lithium Monotherapy on Serotonin Transporter and Serotonin-1A Receptor Binding in Bipolar Depression
PS032Ryota OsadaJapanClinicalBipolar DisordersMood StabilizersPrescription patterns in patients with bipolar disorder at a tertiary care center in Japan
PS033Takashi TsuboiJapanClinicalBipolar DisordersMood StabilizersDemographic and therapeutic characteristics of Japanese outpatients with bipolar disorder: a nationwide survey.
PS034Chih-Ming ChengTaiwan ClinicalBipolar DisordersOthersThe Difference of Co-aggregation of major psychiatric disorders in individuals with first-degree relatives with Bipolar I or Bipolar II disorder: a nationwide population-based study
PS035Panagiotis FerentinosGreece ClinicalBipolar DisordersOthersLifetime psychiatric comorbidity moderates the rate of accumulation of medical comorbidity associated with bipolar disorder
PS036Jairo Vinícius PintoBrazilClinicalBipolar DisordersOthersPrevalence and correlates of bipolar disorder comorbid with substance use disorder.
PS037Xia SunChinaClinicalBipolar DisordersOthersDevelopment and Preliminary Evaluation of Manual-Based Group Intensive Outpatient Program (M-IOP) for Patients with Bipolar Disorder in China
PS038Young Sup WooKorea, Republic ofClinicalBipolar DisordersOthersGinkgo Biloba Induced Mood Dysregulation: A Case Report
PS039Ya Mei BaiTaiwan ClinicalBipolar DisordersPsychoneuroimmunologyCorrelation of Pro-inflammatory Cytokine and Reduced Gray Matter Volume between Bipolar disorder and Unipolar depression
PS040Hiroki KawaiJapanClinicalBipolar DisordersPsychoneuroimmunologyThe relationship of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antibody and psychiatric disorders
PS041Sule SozenTurkey ClinicalBipolar DisordersPsychoneuroimmunologyComparison of YKL-40 levels in manic-depressed-euthymic patients with bipolar disorder and healty controls
PS042Ebrahim AbdollahianIran ClinicalChildhood & Adolescent DisordersOthersComparative Study on the Effect of Risperidone and its Combination with Naltrexone in Pediatric Patients with Autistic Spectrum Disorders: A Clinical Trial Study
PS043Sehoon ShimKorea, Republic ofClinicalChildhood & Adolescent DisordersOthersScreening with the Korean version of the Mood Disorder Questionnaire for Bipolar Disorders in Adolescents: Korean validity and reliability study
PS044Daimei SasayamaJapanClinicalChildhood & Adolescent DisordersPsychoneuroimmunologyCortisol and cytokine/chemokine profiles associated with behavioral difficulties in children
PS046Helen FK ChiuHong Kong ClinicalDementiaAntipsychoticsMortality risk associated with antipsychotics in Patients with Dementia in Hong Kong
PS047Ta-Chuan YehTaiwan ClinicalDementiaAntipsychoticsMortality risk in older adults with dementia treated with atypical antipsychotics: a systematic review and network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
PS048Tomokazu ShimazuJapanClinicalDementiaHypnoticsSuvorexant decreases risk for nighttime falls in the inpatient with dementia
PS049Hugo SimiãoPortugal ClinicalDementiaImagingRole of genetics and functional imaging in the differential diagnosis of pseudodementia: two case reports
PS050Masataka WadaJapanClinicalDementiaImagingEffect of education on Alzheimer’s disease-related neuroimaging biomarkers in healthy controls, and participants with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease - a cross-sectional study
PS051Yingchih ChengTaiwan ClinicalDementiaMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyA meta-analysis of the Effect of Apolipoprotein E ?4 Carrier Status on the Cognitive Response to acytelcholinestease inhibitors in Patients with Alzheimer’s dementia
PS052Bai HanChinaClinicalDementiaMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyExpression of Intestinal endotoxemia (IETM) on APP, PS1 and BACE in Alzheimer’s disease
PS053Prem Kumar ChandrasekaranMalaysia ClinicalDementiaOthersRitalin for Apathy in Dementia
PS054Ioannis MichopoulosGreece ClinicalDementiaOthersTardive dyskinesia induced by donepezil; a paradox
PS055Yingchih ChengTaiwan ClinicalDementiaPsychoneuroimmunologySystemic Inflammation and long term outcome of Alzheimer disease
PS056Yasuhiro KanedaJapanClinicalDementiaTranscultural PsychopharmacologyEffects of Rivastigmine Transdermal Patch on Cognitive Function and Body Weight: An Observational, Retrospective Study in Japanese Patients with Alzheimer Disease
PS057Mahnaz AsgharnejadU.S.A.ClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsAn approach to clinical dose escalation in a Phase 1 study for TAK-653, a novel AMPA positive allosteric modulator
PS058Lucie BartovaAustriaClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsThe clinical impact of post-traumatic stress disorder as comorbidity on patients with unipolar depression as primary diagnosis – results from a cross-sectional European multicenter study
PS059Philip BrennerSweden ClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsSubstance use disorders are risk factors for treatment resistant depression
PS060Mohamedi DarghalMorocco ClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsEnuresis induced by SSRI à case report
PS061Daniel Esteves-SousaPortugal ClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsDRUG-INDUCED HYPONATREMIA IN THE TREATMENT OF DEPRESSION
PS062Bai HanChinaClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsEfficacy of Fufangcongrongyizhi Capsule on cognitive function of senile depression patients
PS063Hideaki KawaiJapanClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsHow did psychiatrists of the Karasuyama Hospital prescribe antidepressants for psychiatric symptoms?
PS064Alexander LisinskiSweden ClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsEarly effects on depressed mood, suicidality and anxiety of duloxetine in depression
PS065Fusaka MinamiJapanClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsDiscrepancies between nomenclature and indications of psychotropics
PS066Rachel Ochs-RossU.S.A.ClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsEfficacy and safety of intranasal esketamine plus an oral antidepressant in elderly patients with treatment-resistant depression
PS067Chiun PaeKorea, Republic ofClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsGenes involved in neurodevelopment, neuroplasticity and Major Depression: No association for CACNA1C, CHRNA7 and MAPK1
PS068Vanina PopovaBelgiumClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsRandomized, Double-Blind Study of Flexibly-Dosed Intranasal Esketamine Plus Oral Drug for Depression vs. Active Control in Treatment-Resistant Depression
PS069Kyosuke SawadaJapanClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsEffects of gap in perception of subjective vs objective illness severity on subjective cognitive impairments in depression?
PS070Tung-Ping SuTaiwan ClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsRepeated two doses of ketamine followed by a randomized double-blind placebo controlled add-on trial of D-Cycloserine in treatment resistant bipolar and major depression
PS071Mikael TigerSweden ClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsDown regulation of serotonin transporter binding in raphe nuclei with long term pharmacological treatment for major depressive disorder
PS072Tetsu TomitaJapanClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsThe effects of personality on the association between paroxetine plasma concentration and response
PS073Shoko TsuchimineJapanClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsIncreased levels of CREB and pCREB in major depressive patients with antidepressant treatment
PS074Ewa WajsBelgiumClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsLong-Term Safety of Intranasal Esketamine plus Oral Antidepressant in Patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression: Phase 3, Open-label, Safety and Efficacy Study (SUSTAIN-2)
PS075Young Sup WooKorea, Republic ofClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsObesity and Its Potential Effects on Antidepressant Treatment Outcomes in Patients with Depressive Disorders: A Literature Review.
PS076Norio Yasui-FurukoriJapanClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsAttitudes toward placebo-controlled clinical trials of depressed patients in Japan
PS077Qian ZhouChinaClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsClinical characteristics associated with therapeutic adherence of the patients with major depressive disorder: a report from the National Survey on Symptomatology of Depression in China.
PS078Sho HorikoshiJapanClinicalDepressionAntipsychoticsEffect of aripiprazole augmentation on plasma levels of homovanillic acid in major depressive disorder
PS079Andrei PikalovU.S.A.ClinicalDepressionAntipsychoticsEfficacy of Lurasidone in Major Depressive Disorder with Mixed Features: Treatment Review
PS080Veronika AndrashkoCzech Republic ClinicalDepressionAnxiolyticsThe influence of benzodiazepine medication on the antidepressant effect of ketamine.
PS081Hideo HagiharaJapanTranslationalDepressionAnimal ModelsDecreased brain pH in patients with depression and in a social defeat mouse model
PS082Angela PhillipsU.S.A.ClinicalBipolar DisordersBrain StimulationManagement of Treatment Resistant Bipolar Depression with rTMS
PS083Angela PhillipsU.S.A.ClinicalDepressionBrain StimulationRepetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Effects in Patients with Co-Morbid Somatic Pain and Depressive Mood Disorders
PS084Chiyo ShibasakiJapanClinicalDepressionBrain StimulationPlasma metabolites are potential biomarker of antidepressant treatment response in patients with major depression.
PS085Thomas VanicekAustriaClinicalDepressionBrain StimulationThe effect of Electroconvulsive therapy on Serum Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor
PS086Pia Baldinger-MelichAustriaClinicalDepressionImagingMeta-analysis of hippocampal volume change following electroconvulsive therapy in major depression
PS087Thomas BlankAustriaClinicalDepressionImagingThe why and how of cross-validation in clinical, predictive fMRI studies: The case of major depressive disorder
PS088Mao-Hsuan HuangTaiwan ClinicalDepressionImagingElevated tumor necrosis factor-alpha receptor subtype 1 and the association with abnormal brain function in treatment-resistant depression
PS089Ryohei IgataJapanClinicalDepressionImagingPCLO rs2522833-mediated gray matter volume reduction in patients with drug-naïve, first-episode major depressive disorder
PS090Manfred KlöblAustriaClinicalDepressionImagingNeurofeedback-based treatment of major depression using functional magnetic resonance imaging
PS091Asako MoriJapanClinicalDepressionImagingBehavioral activation for subthreshold depression changes neural activation during intrinsic motivational task
PS092Tomoyuki NakamuraJapanClinicalDepressionImagingBaseline functional connectivity between right amygdala and cingulate gyrus predict ketamine mood response in patients with treatment-resistant depression.
PS093Sehoon ShimKorea, Republic ofClinicalDepressionImagingThe Normalization of Brain 18F-fluorodeoxy-D-glucose Positron Emission Tomography Hypometabolism following Electroconvulsive Therapy in a 55-year-old
PS094Leo SilberbauerAustriaClinicalDepressionImagingComparison of serotonin transporter occupancy obtained at PET and PET/MR imaging systems
PS095Mao-Hsuan HuangTaiwan ClinicalDepressionMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyRapid inflammation modulation and antidepressant efficacy of a low-dose ketamine infusion in treatment-resistant depression: a randomized, double-blind control study
PS096Reiji YoshimuraJapanClinicalDepressionMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyCatecholaminergic Activity and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Patients with Drug-Naïve Major Depressive Disorder
PS097Takashi TsujiiJapanClinicalDepressionMood StabilizersFactors of associated with delirium following electroconvulsive therapy: a systematic review
PS099Masahiro TakamuraJapanClinicalDepressionNeurophysiologyThe effect of DLPFC regulation training using fMRI neurofeedback in healthy individuals
PS100Ellen FrankU.S.A.ClinicalDepressionOthersSensing Depression: Using Smartphone Sensors to Predict Changes in Depression Severity
PS101Pornjira PariwatcharakulThailandClinicalAttention Deficit Disorders OthersMethylphenidate-induced Raynaud’s phenomenon developed after increasing methylphenidate in an adult with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
PS102Hee-Ju KangKorea, Republic ofClinicalDepressionOthersLongitudinal associations between glucocorticoid receptor methylation and late-life depression
PS103Cheolmin ShinKorea, Republic ofClinicalDepressionOthersGeriatric Depression Scale (GDS) for classifying late-life depression as normal, minor depressive disorder and major depressive disorder
PS104Young Chul ShinKorea, Republic ofClinicalDepressionOthersAssociation between depressive symptoms and metabolic syndrome in Korean Employees
PS105Peter ZachCzech Republic ClinicalDepressionOthersPsilocybin impairs fear recognition in emotional morphing paradigm
PS106Svetlana IvanovaRussian Federation ClinicalDepressionPharmagenetics/ kineticsAssociations of polymorphic variants of protein kinases genes with depression and response to antidepressant therapy
PS107Ulrich RablAustriaClinicalDepressionPharmagenetics/ kineticsCYP2D6 and CYP2C19 genotyping in routine psychiatric care
PS108Gernot FuggerAustriaClinicalDepressionPsychoneuroimmunologyImpact of comorbid thyroid disease in patients with major depressive disorder
PS109Kamiyu OgyuJapanClinicalDepressionPsychoneuroimmunologyKynurenine pathway in Major Depressive Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
PS110Kuan-Pin SuTaiwan ClinicalDepressionPsychoneuroimmunologyPhospholipase A2 gene expressions related to omega-3 fatty acids treatment in acute depressed patients
PS111Hakuei YamashitaJapanClinicalEpilepsyOthersImprovement of hyponatremia in patients with epilepsy after switching from carbamazepine to lacosamide; a retrospective cases report
PS112Nesrin KaramustafaliogluTurkey ClinicalObsessive-Compulsive DisordersImagingRelationship Between Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer
PS113Christopher HopkinsUKClinicalObsessive-Compulsive DisordersOthersN-acetylcysteine therapy for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder: a systematic review & meta-analysis
PS114Takahiro TsutsumiJapanClinicalOthersAntipsychoticsAn open trial of aripiprazole for the treatment of delirium
PS115Young Sup WooKorea, Republic ofClinicalOthersAntipsychoticsThe role of melatonin and melatonin agonists in counteracting antipsychotic-induced metabolic side effects: a systematic review
PS116Andri AndriIndonesia ClinicalOthersAnxiolyticsPrevalence of Insomnia and Its Related Problems in Clinical Practice According To Primary Physician
PS117Yen Kuang YangTaiwan ClinicalOthersBrain StimulationTranscranial direct-current stimulation may reduce the expired carbon monoxide levels among cigarette smokers with heroin dependence
PS118Daniel MartinsUKClinicalOthersImagingComparing spray vs nebulized oxytocin modulation of brainwide resting-state functional connectivity: a peripherally controlled pharmaco-MRI study
PS119Ana WeidenauerAustriaClinicalOthersImagingDopamine release is enhanced in healthy subjects after repeated amphetamine exposure: A [11C]-(+)-PHNO PET study
PS120Francis DijkstraNetherlands ClinicalOthersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyALKS-7119, a novel 5-HT transporter antagonist and NMDA receptor antagonist caused dose-dependent increases of cortisol and prolactin in a first-in-human, randomized, controlled trial with healthy volunteers
PS121Patrick DolderSwitzerlandClinicalOthersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyNo acute tolerance to the effects of LSD in healthy subjects
PS121BJi Sun HongKorea, Republic ofClinicalOthersOthersEffect of physical exercise intervention on mood and frontal alpha asymmetry in Internet gaming disorder
PS122Weon-Jeong LimKorea, Republic ofClinicalOthersOthersAnxiety, depressed mood, and insomnia experienced by newly diagnosed patients with breast cancer and thyroid cancer in initial stage of cancer treatment in Korea
PS123Weon-Jeong LimKorea, Republic ofClinicalOthersOthersA Study on the Initial Distress Assessment of the First Diagnosed Gynecologic Cancer Patients in Korea
PS124Tomomi OgiharaJapanClinicalOthersOthersComparison of electroencephalographic parameters during electroconvulsive therapy under thiopental and propofol
PS125Sérgio PereiraPortugal ClinicalOthersOthersPsychotic features of DiGeorge Syndrome
PS126Yasmin SchmidSwitzerlandClinicalOthersOthersLasting subjective effects of Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in healthy subjects
PS127Midori SodaJapanClinicalOthersPharmagenetics/ kineticsThe prediction of the occurrence of postoperative nausea and vomiting using pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic factors in Japanese patients administered fentanyl
PS128Patrick VizeliSwitzerlandClinicalOthersPharmagenetics/ kineticsEffects of oxytocin receptor gene variations on socio-emotional effects of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine in humans
PS129Konstantin Yenkoyan
Armenia TranslationalAttention Deficit DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyThe certain role of SOD/CAT imbalance and mytochondrial dysfunction in development of autism spectrum disorders
PS130Yan li LuoChinaClinicalPanic DisordersImagingSeed-based resting-state functional connectivity in patients with Persistent Somatoform Pain Disorder(PSPD)
PS131Hisanobu KaiyaJapanClinicalPanic DisordersOthersPanic disorder with or without agoraphobia: changes in symptoms of 500 patients over 20 years in Japan
PS132Seok Hyeon KimKorea, Republic ofClinicalPost Traumatic Stress DisordersOthersPrevalence and Clinical Correlates of Dissociative Subtype of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder at an Outpatient Trauma Clinic in South Korea
PS133Katsumasa SogoJapanClinicalPost Traumatic Stress DisordersOthersNew drug treatment and mechanism of the central anticholinergic drug trihexylphenidyl in reducing posttraumatic nightmares in patients with PTSD
PS134Katsumasa SogoJapanClinicalPost Traumatic Stress DisordersOthersNew drug treatment and mechanism of the central anticholinergic drug trihexylphenidyl in reducing posttraumatic nightmares in patients with PTSD