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Poster NumberAuthorAuthor CountryLevel 1 TopicSub Topic By DisorderSub Topic By Drug and MethodologyTitle
PT273Weon-Jeong LimKorea, Republic ofPreclinicalDepressionOthersThe Impact of Economic Problems on Depression of Single Mothers in Korea: A Comparative Study with Married Women
PT274Masanobu ItoJapanPreclinicalEpilepsyAnimal ModelsPrenatal exposure to valproic acid (VPA) is associated with altered neurocognitive functions and neurogenesis in dentate gyrus of offspring rats.
PT275Yukiori GotoJapanPreclinicalOthersAnimal ModelsThe Roles of Serotonin on Conflicting Decision Making under Social Groups in Rodents
PT276Puneet KumarIndiaPreclinicalOthersAnimal ModelsProtective role of Hemin against experimental role of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in mice
PT277Yanbo ZhangCanadaPreclinicalOthersAntidepressantsVenlafaxine, but not fluoxetine reduces cuprizone-induced demyelination and neuroinflammation
PT278Camilla Fardell SandbergSweden PreclinicalOthersGeneticsS100B Polymorphisms are Associated with Age of Onset of Parkinson’s Disease
PT279Katrin PrellerSwitzerlandPreclinicalOthersImagingLSD increases social adaptation to opinions similar to one’s own
PT280Martin KucharCzech Republic PreclinicalOthersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyDESCHLOROKETAMINE – A NEW KETAMINE ANALOGUE
PT281Julian MaierAustriaPreclinicalOthersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyThe pharmacological properties of the new psychoactive substance (±)-cis-4,4'-dimethylaminorex (4,4'-DMAR)
PT282Ping SuCanadaPreclinicalOthersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyPrenatal disruption of D1R-SynGAP complex impairs GABAergic interneuron migration and causes behavioural deficits in adulthood
PT283Alexandra BlazhenkoRussian Federation PreclinicalOthersOthersThe role of the OX1R orexin antagonist SB-408124 on the lienocytogram of the spleen of animals
PT284Kazuo NakamotoJapanPreclinicalPainAnimal ModelsAstrocyte Activation in Locus Coeruleus Is Involved in Neuropathic Pain Exacerbation Mediated by Maternal Separation and Social Isolation Stress
PT285Shogo TokuyamaJapanPreclinicalPainAnimal ModelsThe involvement of free fatty acid-GPR40/FFAR1 signaling in chronic social defeat stress-induced pain prolongation in C57BL/6J male mice
PT286Gabriella GobbiCanadaPreclinicalPainAnxiolyticsLow-doses of cannabidiol reduce neuropathic pain and associated anxious behavior by normalizing serotonergic activity
PT287Shiroh KishiokaJapanPreclinicalPainMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyInhibition of peripheral macrophages by perineural administration of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonists suppresses spinal microglial activation, resulting in the improvement of neuropathic pain in mice
PT288Chih-Hua ChangTaiwan PreclinicalPersonality DisordersNeurophysiologyModulation of impulsive aggression through ventral hippocampus to ventromedial hypothalamus projection
PT289Alice ZambonAustriaPreclinicalPost Traumatic Stress DisordersAnimal ModelsA role for miR-132 in learned safety
PT290Grazyna BialaPoland PreclinicalSchizophreniaAnimal ModelsThe impact of fatty-acid amide hydrolase inhibitors in an animal model of schizophrenia
PT294Ashleigh L. OsborneAustraliaPreclinicalSchizophreniaAnimal ModelsUnderstanding the developmental profile of excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmission in a maternal immune activation model: Impact of cannabidiol treatment and therapeutic implications for schizophrenia
PT295Saki ShimizuJapanPreclinicalSchizophreniaAnimal ModelsSynaptic vesicle protein 2A regulates the susceptibility to methamphetamine-induced hyperactivity in rats.
PT296Raghunath SinghIndiaPreclinicalSchizophreniaAnimal ModelsDevelopment and validation of animal model for antipsychotics-induced metabolic alterations
PT297Tibor StarkCzech Republic PreclinicalSchizophreniaAnimal ModelsSex-dependent disruption of myelination in the neurodevelopmental model of schizophrenia
PT298Katrina Weston-GreenAustraliaPreclinicalSchizophreniaAnimal ModelsA systematic review of the consequences of maternal immune activation with poly I:C on neurotransmission in offspring: the need for a methodological consensus?
PT299Carlos Jimenez NaranjoUKPreclinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsMuscarinic M1/M4 receptor density alterations in the brain following cannabidiol treatment in a prenatal infection model of schizophrenia.
PT300David JustSweden PreclinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsTowards molecular insights into psychiatric disorders using affinity proteomics
PT301Christian Lange-AsschenfeldtGermany PreclinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsIn vitro screening of antipsychotics using a neuronal network dysregulation model of psychosis
PT302Torgny SvenssonSweden PreclinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsRapid augmentation of antipsychotic drugs by sodium nitroprusside (SNP). Behavioral assessment and effect on brain dopaminergic transmission in rats.
PT303Kirstie O'HareNew Zealand PreclinicalSchizophreniaGeneticsPolygenic risk for schizophrenia does not predict subclinical psychosis in adolescents
PT304Lih-Chu ChiouTaiwan PreclinicalSchizophreniaMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyA novel therapeutic target for neuropsychiatric disorders: The cerebellar alpha6-GABA-A receptor
PT305Shaun HopperAustraliaPreclinicalSchizophreniaNeuropathology/ Post Mortem StudiesAllosteric modulation of muscarinic M1 receptors is reduced in the hippocampus, striatum, and cortex of a sub-group of subjects with schizophrenia
PT306Georgia ParkinAustraliaPreclinicalSchizophreniaNeuropathology/ Post Mortem StudiesIncreased Excitatory Amino Acid Transporter 1, isoform 1 (EAAT1) mRNA in subjects with schizophrenia
PT307Takaaki KawanoJapanPreclinicalSchizophreniaPharmagenetics/ kineticsDiazepam suppresses the stress-induced dopaminergic release in the amygdala of methamphetamine-sensitized rat
PT308Fabiana Corsi-ZuelliBrazilPreclinicalSchizophreniaPsychoneuroimmunologyProlonged periods of social isolation from weaning is marked by an impaired blood-brain anti-inflammatory response
PT309Dmitriy PanovRussian Federation PreclinicalSleep DisordersGeneticsReceptor gene npas2 rs4851377 polymorphism and its association with circadian rhythm in male population in Russia/Siberia: MONICA-psychosocial Study
PT310Giuseppe FanelliItaly PreclinicalSuicideGeneticsThe influence of the Serotonin Transporter 5-HTTLPR polymorphism on Suicidal Behavior: a meta-analysis
PT311Denise HappDenmarkTranslationalAnxiety DisordersAnimal ModelsUnilateral Endothelin-1 injections into the medial prefrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens – a possible model for post-stroke depression and anxiety?
PT312Konstantin YenkoyanArmeniaTranslationalAttention Deficit DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyThe certain role of SOD/CAT imbalance and mytochondrial dysfunction in development of autism spectrum disorders
PT313Nadia Bendixen SommerdahlDenmarkTranslationalBipolar DisordersAnimal ModelsThe effect of prebiotics on mania-like behavior: a behavioral study in CLOCK transgenic mice
PT314Po-See ChenTaiwan TranslationalBipolar DisordersImagingThe effects of valproic acid on dopamine transporter availability in euthymic bipolar II disorder
PT315Hiroko SugawaraJapanTranslationalBipolar DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyDNA methylation analyses of the candidate genes identified by a methylome-wide association study revealed common epigenetic alterations in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
PT316Alina MarinCanadaTranslationalBipolar DisordersNeurophysiologyEye movements at the crossroads of attention and emotion processing in adults with Bipolar Disorder or ADHD.
PT317Donatella MarazzitiItaly TranslationalBipolar DisordersPharmagenetics/ kineticsClozapine metabolism and plasma levels in bipolar psychotic mood disorders: the effect of valproic acid and antidepressants
PT318Bashkim KadriuU.S.A.TranslationalBipolar DisordersPsychoneuroimmunologyThe Kynurenine Pathway and Mood Disorders: An Intersection of Monoaminergic, Glutamatergic and Immune Response
PT319Dean NizeticSingapore TranslationalDementiaMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyGenetic dissection of severity and onset modulators for Alzheimer’s pathology in Down syndrome using cellular systems
PT320Tomokazu NakakoJapanTranslationalDepressionAnimal ModelsDevelopment of touchscreen-based objective evaluation methods for motivation using common marmoset
PT321Samia Regiane Lourenço JocaBrazilTranslationalDepressionAntidepressantsCannabidiol induces rapid and sustained antidepressant-like effects: preclinical evidence and mechanisms
PT322Alexander KautzkyUKTranslationalDepressionGeneticsEpistasis in HTR1A and BDNF influences cortical 5-HT1A receptor binding: a PET study in 46 healthy subjects
PT323Hisatsugu KoshimizuJapanTranslationalDepressionGeneticsA genome-wide association study identifies a novel locus associated with depressive state in the Japanese population
PT324Patricia Anna HandschuhAustriaTranslationalDepressionImagingBrain connectivity changes by associative learning measured with resting-state fMRI as an approach to investigate treatment-induced neuroplastic changes
PT325Bernhard MeyerAustriaTranslationalDepressionImagingPrefrontal Neural Markers to Predict Antidepressant Treatment Outcome
PT326Kotaro HattoriJapanTranslationalDepressionMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyIncreased cerebrospinal fluid fibrinogen and brain-blood barrier disruption in a subpopulation of psychiatric disorders
PT327Anton LoonenNetherlands TranslationalDepressionMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyIn vitro human lymphocyte activation fails to elucidate 5-HT2C receptor functioning
PT328Petra NetterGermany TranslationalDepressionMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyApathetic and agitated aspects of depression are differently associated with responses of hormones and nicotine craving to neurotransmitter challenge tests
PT329Cristina EmeterioSpainOthersDepressionAntidepressantsManagement of antidepressants in pregnancy and lactation
PT330Christoph KrausAustriaTranslationalDepressionNeurophysiologyBrain Glucose Uptake during Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation
PT331Margarida AlbuquerquePortugal TranslationalDepressionOthersThe portuguese alimentary pattern, depression and the link
PT332Marat UzbekovRussian Federation TranslationalEpilepsyOthersRelationship between ciliary neurotrophic factor concentration and severity of temporal-lobe epilepsy in women under the tereament with citicoline.
PT333Marius HienertAustriaTranslationalOthersImagingStriatal brain activity alterations in Tourette´s Syndrome A meta-analysis of [11F] Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) PET studies
PT334Arkadiusz KomorowskiAustriaTranslationalOthersImagingIn vivo dopamine D2 and D3 receptor binding measured with [¹¹C]-(+)-PHNO and PET correlates with post-mortem mRNA expression
PT335Manabu KubotaJapanTranslationalOthersImagingAlterations of central metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 binding and glutamate concentrations by food intake
PT336Nicole Praschak-RiederAustriaTranslationalOthersImagingD-Amphetamine response in female subjects is mediated by sex hormones
PT337Fernanda FeuerharmelBrazilTranslationalOthersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyNeuroprotective role of cannabidiol in brain disorders: a systematic review
PT338Gregor GryglewskiAustriaTranslationalOthersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyPrediction of the human whole-brain transcriptome for hypothesis generation and drug development
PT339Christian LuckhausGermany TranslationalOthersOthersOxytocin reactiveness to an emotional challenge paradigm and relations to social-cognitive functions in healthy volunteers
PT340Daisuke NishizawaJapanTranslationalPainGeneticsGenome-wide association study identifies genetic polymorphisms associated with the analgesic effect of fentanyl in the preoperative cold pressor-induced pain test
PT341Robert DavisU.S.A.TranslationalPainOthersNovel Modulators of Serotonin, Dopamine, and Mu Opiate Receptors for Substance Use Disorders Pain and Mood Disorders
PT342Sunho KwonKorea, Republic ofTranslationalPost Traumatic Stress DisordersAnimal ModelsAltered cerebellar microcircuit shapes emotional memory via cerebellothalamic connectivity
PT343Nadia CattaneItaly TranslationalSchizophreniaAnimal ModelsMiRNA-19 and the enhanced vulnerability of developing stress-related disorders: focus on the crucial role of this miRNA during neurodevelopment
PT344Kun-Po ChenTaiwan TranslationalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsTo Compare P-glycoprotien Information of Psychotropics from Different Sources
PT345Nace MikusAustriaTranslationalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsThe role of dopamine in social interactions
PT346Cátia SantaPortugal TranslationalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsLong-term haloperidol changes in the striatum, prefrontal cortex and hippocampus of mice – a proteomics perspective
PT347Marat UzbekovRussian Federation TranslationalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsMetabolic status of patients with chronic schizophrenia under antipsychotic treatment
PT348Marat UzbekovRussian Federation TranslationalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsDynamics of metabolic changes in first-episode drug-naive schizophrenic patients under antipsychotic pharmacotherapy
PT349Miki BundoJapanTranslationalSchizophreniaGeneticsDeveloping a method for detection of retrotransposon by next generation sequencing and its application to single brain cells
PT350Akihito UezatoJapanTranslationalSchizophreniaGeneticsMolecular and genetic study of the discs, large homolog 1 of Drosophila (DLG1) in schizophrenia
PT352Yusuke IwataCanadaTranslationalSchizophreniaImagingGlutamatergic Neurometabolite Levels in Patients with Treatment-resistant Schizophrenia: a Cross-sectional 3T Proton MRS study
PT353Euitae KimKorea, Republic ofTranslationalSchizophreniaImagingFrontostriatal functional connectivity and its relationship with striatal dopamine capacity in schizophrenia
PT354Kazutaka OhiJapanTranslationalSchizophreniaImagingCognitive Clustering in Schizophrenia Patients, their First-Degree Relatives and Healthy Subjects is Associated with Anterior Cingulate Cortex Volume
PT355Matthaeus WilleitAustriaTranslationalSchizophreniaImagingAmphetamine-induced dopamine release and sensitization are regulated by the prefrontal cortex: A [11C]-(+)-PHNO PET study in healthy subjects and patients with schizophrenia
PT356Axel SteigerGermany TranslationalSchizophreniaNeurophysiologyInvestigation of Mechanism of Increased Appetite after Olanzapine by sLORETA during Sleep
PT357Birgit LudwigAustriaTranslationalSuicideMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyIncreased oxytocin gene expression levels in patients with suicidal ideations
PT358Marleen Margret Mignon MitschekAustriaTranslationalSuicideOthersRisk factors associated with non-suicidal self-injuring behaviour and previous suicide attempts in a sample of affective disorder patients
PT359Dinah WeissmannUKTranslationalSuicideOthersSpecific alterations in epigenetic blood biomarkers to predict suicide attempts
PTL360George SavulichUKClinicalAddictive DisordersOthers‘Hot and cold’ cognition in users of novel psychoactive substances
PTL361Oguz KaramustafaliogluTurkey ClinicalAnxiety DisordersAntidepressantsEscitalopram in Adult Seperation Anxiety Disorder
PTL362Min-Seong KooKorea, Republic ofClinicalAnxiety DisordersOthersNon-verbal Memory impairment in Korean obsessive-compulsive disorder patients with checking type compulsions
PTL363Sergey KiselevRussian Federation ClinicalAttention Deficit DisordersOthersDeficit in the delayed visuospatial memory in ADHD children
PTL364Sergey KiselevRussian Federation ClinicalAttention Deficit DisordersOthersInfluence of body-oriented therapy on executive abilities in preschool children with ADHD
PTL365Wei-Yuan ChenTaiwan ClinicalBipolar DisordersAntipsychoticsAn interaction between carbamazepine, fluvoxamine and clozapine in a patient with bipolar depression
PTL367Marleen Margret Mignon MitschekAustriaClinicalBipolar DisordersMood StabilizersValproic Acid-Induced Hyperammonemic Encephalopathy and Coma: A Case Report
PTL368Sergey KiselevRussian Federation ClinicalChildhood & Adolescent DisordersOthersMindfulness training during pregnancy has positive effect on neurocognitive development of children
PTL369Manish JhaU.S.A.ClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsDevelopment and Validation of a Clinical Calculator to Predict Acute-Phase Antidepressant Outcomes Using Early Changes in Irritability and Depression Severity: Findings from CO-MED and SAMS Trials
PTL370Manish JhaU.S.A.ClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsPre-treatment S100B Selectively Predicts Response to SSRI Monotherapy Vs. Antidepressant Combinations: Clinical Implications of Blood Brain Barrier Dysfunction
PTL371Manish JhaU.S.A.TranslationalSuicidePsychoneuroimmunologyAssociation of Th2-Cell Mediated Immune Response with Suicide Behavior in Adolescents and Young adults
PTL372Olena KhaustovaUkraine ClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsDynamics of cognitive functioning in patients with major depressive disorder and anxiety-depressive disorders under the influence of antidepressant therapy
PTL373Zoë ZuilhofNetherlands ClinicalDepressionAntidepressantsOptimized regimens of combined medications for the treatment of major depressive disorder : double-blind investigation
PTL374Petra KalemberCroatia (Hrvatska)ClinicalDepressionImagingDecrease in choline and N-acetyl aspartate levels in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex at the beginning of recovery phase are markers of increased risk of depressive episode recurrence under maintenance therapy – a proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study
PTL375Mafalda CorvachoPortugal ClinicalDepressionOthersComplex tic movements as a manifestation of psychotic depression: a case report
PTL376Olena KhaustovaUkraine ClinicalOthersEthics of PsychopharmacologyTherapy of mental disorders in elderly patients with multimorbidity
PTL377Mafalda CorvachoPortugal ClinicalOthersOthersFolie à deux: if you do not search for it, you will never find it
PTL378Sergey KiselevRussian Federation ClinicalOthersOthersMindfulness training can reduce prenatal maternal stress
PTL381Mafalda CorvachoPortugal ClinicalPersonality DisordersAntipsychoticsThe subtle line between belief and psychosis (and its underlying ethical dilemma): a case report
PTL382Christopher AverillU.S.A.ClinicalPost Traumatic Stress DisordersImagingAltered white matter diffusivity of the cingulum angular bundle in PTSD
PTL383oh jong kilKorea, Republic ofClinicalPost Traumatic Stress DisordersOthersc
PTL384Olena KhaustovaUkraine ClinicalPost Traumatic Stress DisordersOthersDiagnostic approach to the mild traumatic brain injury verification in patients with PTSD
PTL385Lucie BartovaAustriaClinicalSchizophreniaAntidepressantsRobust anti-suicidal and antidepressant effects of S-ketamine in post-psychotic depression: A case report
PTL386Young-In ChungKorea, Republic ofClinicalSchizophreniaGeneticsHeritability and Familiality of Psychopathologic Dimensions in the Korean Families With Schizophrenia
PTL387Emmanuel MULINFrance ClinicalSchizophreniaOthersFocus on apathy in schizophrenia: a review of non-pharmacological interventions and pharmacological approaches
PTL388Deepa PurushothamanIndiaClinicalSchizophreniaOthersRisky co-operative behavior in Schizophrenia: A neuroeconomics examination
PTL389Lynnette AverillU.S.A.ClinicalSuicideImagingPreliminary Evidence of a Suicidal Ideation-Specific Neural Signature of Synaptic Loss and Dysconnectivity in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
PTL390Gulbahar Singh SidhuIndiaClinicalSuicideOthersA retrospective study of suicide reporting in Indian Newspaper: Are WHO Guidelines followed?
PTL391Freddy VasquezPeru ClinicalSuicideOthersSuicide attempt during postpartum in Psychiatry Emergency Room
PTL392Shang-chien HuangTaiwan OthersAddictive DisordersGeneticsBDNF Gene is a Determinant of methadone dose on Heroin Dependence in Han Chinese
PTL393Yu-Hsuan LinTaiwan OthersAddictive DisordersOthersSpread via real or virtual paths? Exploring seven illicit drugs’ probable transmission based on the poundage of drug seizing
PTL394Sergey KiselevRussian Federation OthersChildhood & Adolescent DisordersOthersParental involvement in the child’s activities can contribute to cognitive development of preterm infants
PTL396Gabriel FernandesBrazilPreclinicalAnxiety DisordersAnimal ModelsChronic unpredictable stress induces adaptation in inducible nitric oxide (iNos) knockout mice
PTL397Shahrdad LotfipourU.S.A.PreclinicalChildhood & Adolescent DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyMaternal Nicotine's Effects on Learning and Memory in Adolescent Mice
PTL398Siamak Reyahni RadIran PreclinicalOthersAnimal ModelsVildagliptin prevents insulin resistance induced Cognitive Impairments in rat
PTL400Paulina CieslikPoland PreclinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsComparison of antipsychotic action of positive allosteric modulators of muscarinic M1, M4 and M5 receptors
PTL401Manabu TakakiJapanPreclinicalSchizophreniaAntipsychoticsEffects of the antipsychotics haloperidol, clozapine, and aripiprazole on the dendritic spine
PTL402Shahrdad LotfipourU.S.A.TranslationalAddictive DisordersAnimal ModelsNicotine Gateway Effects Enhance Adolescent Alcohol Intake and Preference in Mice
PTL403Francis BambicoCanadaTranslationalDepressionAnimal ModelsAltered rostromedial tegmental activation and behavioural response to chronic ethanol exposure in a preclinical model of depression-addiction comorbidity
PTL404Francis BambicoCanadaTranslationalDepressionAntidepressantsThe antidepressant-like behavioural and neuroplastic effects of stress controllability training are mediated by cortical endocannabinoid-CB1 receptor signaling
PTL405Gal WarhaftigIsrael TranslationalPost Traumatic Stress DisordersAnimal ModelsCombination of an epigenetic modulator and a transcription regulator of a differentially-methylated pathway reverses PTSD in a rat model: A novel approach to PTSD treatment.
PTL406Keiko IkemotoJapanTranslationalSchizophreniaNeuropathology/ Post Mortem StudiesD-neuron hypothesis: A new clue for central nervous system medicinal chemistry
PTL407Keiko IkemotoJapanTranslationalSleep DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyIs TAAR1 prospective target receptor for narcolepsy?