Rafaelsen Posters

The winners of the CINP 2018 Rafaelsen Young Investigators Award will display their posters for the duration of the Congress at a designated area on Level 1, Austria Centre

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Poster NumberAuthorAuthor CountryLevel 1 TopicSub Topic By DisorderSub Topic By Drug and MethodologyTitle
RAF01Will LawnUKClinicalAddictive DisordersImagingValue-Based Decision-Making of Cigarettes and Non-Drug Rewards in Dependent and Occasional smokers: An fMRI Study
RAF02Giovanni SalumBrazilClinicalChildhood & Adolescent DisordersImagingThe development of dissociable and common aspects of psychopathology from childhood to adolescence and their brain structural correlates
RAF03Georgios SchoretsanitisSwitzerlandClinicalDepressionPharmagenetics/ kineticsTherapeutic Drug Monitoring in quantifying in vivo fetus/infant drug exposure to psychotropic agents
RAF04Manish JhaU.S.A.ClinicalDepressionPsychoneuroimmunologyHigher interleukin 17 is associated with greater severity of anhedonia in male, but not female, depressed outpatients: Findings from CO-MED trial
RAF05Chie Shimamoto - MitsuyamaJapanOthersSchizophreniaNeuropathology/ Post Mortem StudiesAltered fatty acid composition of phospholipids in the corpus callosum of patients with schizophrenia
RAF06Chiara BortolasciAustraliaPreclinicalBipolar DisordersMolecular Neurobiology/ PharmacologyTargeting microRNAs to screen new compounds to treat bipolar disorder.
RAF07Ji-Seon SeoU.S.A.PreclinicalDepressionAnimal ModelsElevation of p11 in Lateral Habenula Mediates Depression-Like Behavior
RAF08Felipe GomesU.S.A.PreclinicalSchizophreniaAnimal ModelsThe impact of stress during adolescence or adulthood is dependent on the state of the critical period
RAF09Gabriel FriesU.S.A.TranslationalBipolar DisordersGeneticsPeripheral methylome analysis in bipolar disorder patients suggests brain-relevant alterations in the glutathione system
RAF10Pieter NaudeSouth AfricaTranslationalPost Traumatic Stress DisordersPsychoneuroimmunologyMaternal prenatal psychological distress and the early infant gut microbiome in a South African birth cohort