Programme Overview   Plenary Speakers    Clinical Perspectives    Educational Workshops 

No.Symposia TitleSymposia TrackSymposia Disorder
S1GABA regulation: from mechanisms to novel therapeutic targetsTranslationalOthers
S2The use of technology in mental illness and mental wellbeingClinicalSchizophrenia
S3PTSD Genetics in a Military ContextTranslationalPost Traumatic Stress Disorders
S4ADHD across the lifespan - biological mechanisms underlying disease onset and persistence, implications for treatmentTranslationalAttention Deficit Disorders
S5CINP initiative for public private partnerships (PPPs) for innovative CNS drug developmentTranslationalOthers
S6New approaches in transcranial magnetic stimulation for depressionClinicalDepression
S7New insights into the role of orbitofrontal cortex in compulsive behavior, psychopathology and its treatment TranslationalOthers
S8Strategies to Prevent Neurobehavioral Progression and Suicide in Bipolar Disorder"ClinicalBipolar Disorders
S9Cannabis shapes the morphological and epigenetic trajectory of mesocorticolimbic brain development relevant to psychiatric vulnerabilityPreclinicalAddictive Disorders
S10Glutamate and Mood Disorders: All is not Explained by NMDAPreclinicalDepression
S11Prediction of disease vulnerability and treatment response in mood and anxiety disordersTranslationalDepression
S12Translational research on etiopathogenesis of late-life cognitive impairment and depression: four different approaches toward the common goal.TranslationalDepression
Presidential SymposiumTransformative Treatments for Psychiatry
S13A translational approach to reducing drug-related memories and enhancing self-control in drug addictionTranslationalAddictive Disorders
S14Translational Neuroscience of Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderTranslationalObsessive-Compulsive Disorders
S15Schizophrenia: From genes to changed brain functionPreclinicalSchizophrenia
S16The antidepressant controversy: what do re-analyses of controlled trials reveal regarding the true efficacy of antidepressants?ClinicalDepression
S17It’s all in the wiring: Brain Circuits Involved in Depression and Antidepressant ActionsTranslationalDepression
S18Behavioural addiction: a research and clinical updateClinicalAddictive Disorders
S19Dopamine signal intensity in neuropsychiatric disorders: etiology and therapyTranslationalSchizophrenia
S21Understanding the mechanism of action of ketamine-like drugs in mood disorders and their implementation in the clinicTranslationalDepression
S22Deep Brain Stimulation for Severe OCD: Effect and Mechanisms of STN and Nucleus Accumbens TargetsTranslationalObsessive-Compulsive Disorders
S23Recent updates on controversial issues in the management of schizophreniaClinicalSchizophrenia
S24Neuroimaging in the treatment of depression – acute neuronal response, treatment effects and recurrence predictionClinicalDepression
S25NMDAR dysfunction, neuromodulatory dysfunction and glutathione deficit in schizophrenia pathogenesisTranslationalSchizophrenia
S26Microbiome & Neuropsychiatry- Moving towards mechanismsTranslationalOthers
S27Psychedelic medicine: The therapeutic potential of mind-altering substancesClinicalOthers
S28Developing new medications for the treatment of schizophrenia: Failures and hopesTranslationalSchizophrenia
S29Genes epigenome and environment in pathophysiology of brain illnessTranslationalDepression