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No.DateTimeSymposia TitleSymposia TrackSymposia Disorder
S1Sunday 17th June09.45-11.30GABA regulation: from mechanisms to novel therapeutic targetsTranslationalOthers
S2Sunday 17th June09.45-11.30The use of technology in mental illness and mental wellbeingClinicalSchizophrenia
S3Sunday 17th June09.45-11.30PTSD Genetics in a Military ContextTranslationalPost Traumatic Stress Disorders
S4Sunday 17th June09.45-11.30ADHD across the lifespan - biological mechanisms underlying disease onset and persistence, implications for treatmentTranslationalAttention Deficit Disorders
S5Sunday 17th June09.45-11.30CINP initiative for public private partnerships (PPPs) for innovative CNS drug developmentTranslationalOthers
S6Sunday 17th June14.45-16.30New approaches in transcranial magnetic stimulation for depressionClinicalDepression
S7Sunday 17th June14.45-16.30New insights into the role of orbitofrontal cortex in compulsive behavior, psychopathology and its treatment TranslationalOthers
S8Sunday 17th June14.45-16.30Strategies to Prevent Neurobehavioral Progression and Suicide in Bipolar Disorder"ClinicalBipolar Disorders
S9Sunday 17th June14.45-16.30Cannabis shapes the morphological and epigenetic trajectory of mesocorticolimbic brain development relevant to psychiatric vulnerabilityPreclinicalAddictive Disorders
S10Sunday 17th June14.45-16.30Glutamate and Mood Disorders: All is not Explained by NMDAPreclinicalDepression
S11Monday 18th June09.45-11.30Prediction of disease vulnerability and treatment response in mood and anxiety disordersTranslationalDepression
S12Monday 18th June09.45-11.30Translational research on etiopathogenesis of late-life cognitive impairment and depression: four different approaches toward the common goal.TranslationalDepression
Presidential SymposiumMonday 18th June09.45-11.30Transformative Treatments for Psychiatry
S13Monday 18th June09.45-11.30A translational approach to reducing drug-related memories and enhancing self-control in drug addictionTranslationalAddictive Disorders
S14Monday 18th June09.45-11.30Translational Neuroscience of Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderTranslationalObsessive-Compulsive Disorders
S15Monday 18th June09.45-11.30Schizophrenia: From genes to changed brain functionPreclinicalSchizophrenia
S16Monday 18th June14.45-16.30The antidepressant controversy: what do re-analyses of controlled trials reveal regarding the true efficacy of antidepressants?ClinicalDepression
S17Monday 18th June14.45-16.30It’s all in the wiring: Brain Circuits Involved in Depression and Antidepressant ActionsTranslationalDepression
S18Monday 18th June14.45-16.30Behavioural addiction: a research and clinical updateClinicalAddictive Disorders
S19Monday 18th June14.45-16.30Dopamine signal intensity in neuropsychiatric disorders: etiology and therapyTranslationalSchizophrenia
S20Monday 18th June14.45-16.30LATE BREAKING
D-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and classical hallucinogens: preclinical and clinical studies in psychiatric disorders
Special LectureMonday 18th June14.45-16.30From gene to behavior; analysis of the 22q11 microdeletion.
Speaker - Josh Gordon, USA
S21Tuesday 19th June09.45-11.30Understanding the mechanism of action of ketamine-like drugs in mood disorders and their implementation in the clinicTranslationalDepression
S22Tuesday 19th June09.45-11.30Deep Brain Stimulation for Severe OCD: Effect and Mechanisms of STN and Nucleus Accumbens TargetsTranslationalObsessive-Compulsive Disorders
S23Tuesday 19th June09.45-11.30Recent updates on controversial issues in the management of schizophreniaClinicalSchizophrenia
S24Tuesday 19th June09.45-11.30Neuroimaging in the treatment of depression – acute neuronal response, treatment effects and recurrence predictionClinicalDepression
S25Tuesday 19th June09.45-11.30NMDAR dysfunction, neuromodulatory dysfunction and glutathione deficit in schizophrenia pathogenesisTranslationalSchizophrenia
S26Tuesday 19th June13.45-15.30Microbiome & Neuropsychiatry- Moving towards mechanismsTranslationalOthers
S27Tuesday 19th June13.45-15.30Psychedelic medicine: The therapeutic potential of mind-altering substancesClinicalOthers
S28Tuesday 19th June13.45-15.30Developing new medications for the treatment of schizophrenia: Failures and hopesTranslationalSchizophrenia
S29Tuesday 19th June13.45-15.30Genes epigenome and environment in pathophysiology of brain illnessTranslationalDepression
S30Tuesday 19th June13.45-15.30LATE BREAKING
Clinical, genetic, and molecular determinants of mood fluctuations in bipolar disorder: focus on circadian rhythms.
TranslationalBipolar Disorders
S31Tuesday 19th June13.45-15.30LATE BREAKING
Advances in non-invasive brain stimulation approaches targeting prefrontal, cingulate and insular cortices for treatment of OCD and addictions

TranslationalClinicalAddictive Disorders