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Congress materials

On this page, you can find the recordings and other materials from the past CINP congresses.

2024 World Congress - Tokyo, Japan

Plenary lectures

  • Dr. George F. Koob:
    Alcohol Use Disorder: The Gain in the Brain is in the Emotional Pain and Implications for Treatment - recording
  • Dr. Haruo Naito:
    Spirit of Drug Discovery - recording
  • Prof. Gabriella Gobbi:
    Cannabis and mood disorders - recording
  • Dr. Joshua A. Gordon:
    Challenges and Opportunities in Mental Health Research - recording
  • Prof. Belinda Lennox:
    Brains on fire? The autoimmune basis of severe mental illness - recording
  • Prof. W. Wolfgang Fleischhacker:
    The pharmacological treatment of schizophrenia across the life cycle - recording - recording
  • Dr. Virginia Man-Yee Lee:
    Transmission of Misfolded Proteins in Neurodegenerative Disorders: A Common Mechanism of Disease Progression - recording

Spotlight Sessions & Symposia

Spotlight Session 3:
Recent Topics in Research and Development of Drugs for Treating Neuropsychiatric Disorders

  • Ken Kramer:
    Exploring Muscarinic Receptors in Schizophrenia: A Renewed Approach to Developing Innovative Antipsychotics That Go Beyond Dopamine Receptor Antagonism​
  • Malaak Brubaker:
    Brexpiprazole: A Review of the New Treatment Approved for Agitation Associated with Dementia due to Alzheimer‘s Disease​
  • Teiji Kimura:
    Exploring Innovative Avenues in the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease​

Symposium 1:
Risk and Resilience in PTSD: Analyzing Trajectories and New Treatment Approaches

  • Lisa Burback:
    Emerging Approaches and Interventions to PTSD
  • Masanori Nagamine:
    Trajectories and their risk factors of post-traumatic stress symptoms among the Japan Self-Defense Force personnel deployed to humanitarian assistance missions.
  • Iryna Frankova:
    Emerging Approaches to Veterans after War in Ukraine - Novel Use of Ketamine in PTSD

Symposium 6:
Novel therapies to treat bipolar disorder: translation and back-translation between preclinical and clinical studies

  • Tadafumi Kato:
    Search for new treatment options of bipolar disorder using model mice
  • Jee Hyun Kim:
    Trimetazidine to treat the brain and the heart in bipolar depression
  • Lakshmi Yatham:
    Modulating dopamine Transporter as a therapeutic target for bipolar disorder

Symposium 10
The antidepressant effect and mode of action of psilocybin – clinical trial and molecular imaging data from studies in man and pig

  • Guy Goodwin:
    The clinical effect and side-effects of psilocybin in Treatment Resistant Depression
  • Friederike Holze:
    The relation between acute effects of altered state, 5-HT2A binding and synaptic plasticity in large animals and healthy control subjects
  • Johan Lundberg:
    Translational response biomarkers examined in an RCT of psilocybin treatment of depression

Symposium 15
New Insights on Cannabis Use and Clinical Implications: Translational Perspective

  • Markus Leweke:
    The significance of THC and CBD on the lipidome
  • Romina Mizrahi:
    In Vivo Imaging of Translocator Protein in Long-term Cannabis Users
  • Ke Xu:
    THC alters single cell transcriptome in immune cells

Symposium 20
Dysfunction of Glutamate, Dopamine, and GABA Neurotransmission in Schizophrenia: Integrative View for Pathophysiologic Analysis and Innovative Treatment

    • Toru Nishikawa:
      Interactions Among NMDA receptor-D-serine System, Dopamine and GABA Neurotransmission in the Pathophysiology and Treatment Development in Schizophrenia
    • Joseph T Coyle:
      The Centrality of the Glutamatergic Synapse in the Pathophysiology of Schizophrenia
    • Kim Q. Do:
      Neurocognition and NMDA receptor co-agonists pathways in individuals with treatment resistant first-episode psychosis

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