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Ethics Prize

CINP is pleased to announce that in 2023 the Ethics Prize in Psychopharmacology will be presented at the 34th World Congress in parallel with the other international CINP-sponsored awards. The Ethics Prize in Psychopharmacology will recognize an individual’s outstanding achievements in ethics research within the field of psychopharmacology as well as their contribution to the promotion of public awareness of ethics in psychopharmacology and contributions to the world-wide solution of issues and questions within the ethical practice of psychopharmacology. While the subject of ethics involves all of human behaviour; ethics within medicine and medical research, particularly within the field of psychopharmacology, raises numerous sensitive issues related to the very essence of human nature.

Areas of consideration

    • Ethics of scientific responsibility in publishing in psychopharmacology
    • Conflict of interest in clinical research
    • Treatment of research subjects both human and animal
    • Informed consent in psychopharmacology research
    • Doctor patient relationships in psychopharmacology

    The successful applicant will receive complimentary congress registration, up to three nights of accommodation and a plaque. Please send your submission to the CINP Head Office.


      The Call for Nominations is closed.

      Previous Winners

      • Kim Scott, USA (2023)
      • Laura Roberts, USA (2022)
      • Paul Appelbaum, USA (2020)

      • Barbara Sahakian, United Kingdom (2016)
      • Dan Stein, South Africa (2010)

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